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the story of April

Recently I have been uploading some of my old blog posts onto this new site. As there are so many, I have begun with the ones I want to link to in some way, which is why they may seem like a random selection. One of these posts was from a series I used to write every month and it reminded me how I enjoyed a regular journal of what was going on each month.

These posts used to be a way to document some highlights of the month and this is something I think I'd like to begin again. So perhaps it's time for a welcome back to 'the story of' posts.

April was actually a bit of a funny month here. We had three trips to A & E - thankfully no lasting damage - but it was all a bit stressful and my camera largely stayed on the shelf as it were.

Aside from a beautiful few days in Devon with Yvonne (you can read all about that here), I didn't travel much further than the woods to walk the dog! Here are a couple more photos that didn't make it into my blog post. The arrangements travelled with us, I love that, why enjoy them in one place only when they can easily be transported too?!

Speaking of the woods, April was the month in which they woke up. From dull greys and browns, we sped into bright, new green and bluebell blue. There were woodland flowers everywhere and after a few days of soaring temperatures, it felt like the Earth was alive again.

I have also - finally - finished writing my second eCourse on styling photos. It took me a while admittedly, but it is something I am really proud of and this eCourse covers a LOT of things, from props and backdrops (and suggestions of where to source both) to composition and styling followed up with a look at how to take the photograph too.

That doesn't even cover it, there's a whole section on photography equipment and a look and where to find inspiration. This eCourse is self led though I am always on hand for questions and critiquing should you wish for it!

Anyway, you can find out more here and if you'd like to subscribe then you can use the code SPRING for 20% off.

In truth I was quite glad to see the back of April in many ways. Though I will love it for the awakening of flowers once more and for finally finding time to finish my eCourse for you...

J x


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