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On Styling Photographs - 4 lesson eCourse

On Styling Photographs - 4 lesson eCourse

On Styling Photographs is a four lesson eCourse designed to give you the building blocks for styling still life photographs - whatever your subject. Learn at your own pace, online.


Whether you are wanting to photograph products, food, florals or anything else, this eCourse is for those who are looking to improve their styling skills through learning rules of composition, basic photgraphy techniques and a detailed look at many aspects of styling.


The eCourse is self led, though you will also have direct contact with me should you want it. I will happily critique some of your work and offer constructive advice to help achieve your goals.


The eCourse is run on my website under a password - it includes all new content written especially for those who take the course, which is not currently available either on my blog or in my free downloads. You will need to set up an account on my website to access the lessons. Course participants will have unlimited access to the content and all future updates.




Lesson 1 - behind the scenes - from backdrops to a space to set up, what you need to get started

Lesson 2 - choosing relevant props to style & a look at photograph composition

Lesson 3 - styling flatlay & upright - the nuances & styling suggestions

Lesson 4 - working the light, camera setup & capturing the photograph. Suggestions for exploring the potential in each styled scene




A list of photography equipment. Whether you are making your first purchase or building a collection, we will look at what each item does and how it is useful.

Suggestions for sourcing backdrops & props.

Where to find styling inspiration including plenty of sources to reference.




Any camera, from phone to DSLR. This eCourse is about styling rather than photography in general.

A space to create. You don't need a studio, just a space with good light - from a window is perfect. And enough room to create your composition then stand back to assess it.




Please feel free to email me any further questions via the contact page in the menu at the top of the screen before you enrol on this eCourse.


The course will remain open to those enrolled for as long aas they keep an account and will be accessible on my website via a password in a protected member only area.




This eCourse is subject to our usual eCourse Terms & Conditions. It is your resposibilty to read these terms in full before purchase is made. By purchasing this eCourse, you are agreeing to our terms.




eCourse last updated June 2020 to include rewritten and expanded content with some new photography and examples.

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