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the moody blooms project

This would be an unintentional project with an ever increasing appreciation for moody bloom photography (is this a thing? I am not sure the name is right but since my childhood was played out to the soundtrack of my mums love of the Moody Blues, it is a name I'm rather fond of).

These photos were shot in various locations over 5 years or so and whilst not numerous I can still see a journey of sorts. I am still learning to embrace darkness in photographs such is my love of bright and light. The locations are also numerous - some were taken in my own garden and studio, others from various locations including the garden at Nymans and the beautiful black barn at Elmley Nature Reserve.

I actually started collecting photos for this post almost two years ago, then there was all that happened in between and it sat alongside many other unpublished post in the store room of my website. So why publish it now? Well that would be because of Yogi and his human Sarah and one of my favourite photos from last year. Yes it has been a while since Sarah shared this image on her social media but what can I say? This space has been somewhat neglected for a very long time and it needed dusting off and a little polishing first!

December 2016

March 2018

March 2019

May 2019

June 2019

And of course the face of my website for the past three years ought to be included, though maybe I could edit it a little darker....

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1 Comment

 I appreciate the balanced approach the author took in presenting differing viewpoints. fireboy and watergirl

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