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for the love of cow parsley

May is my favourite month for wild flowers. I know July and August have some beauties (and I do love scabious), but for me, the frothiness of the English hedgerows in May is hard to surpass.

I recently wrote that I don't like photographing green. For the record, I love green, but it takes on so many variations that creating any kind of coordinated aesthetic can be tricky. Not that this matters in itself, though I do love my colours to sit well together as a portfolio. More recently I am simply embracing the nuances of green since I am surrounded with it.

I have been photographing wild flowers for the past eight years though it occurred to me that I only keep a record of this on Instagram (with which I have an on and off relationship at best) so perhaps I should be keeping more of my photographs here instead. This years photographs were taken in around ten minutes while on our daily escape from lockdown so they are not hugely varied like they otherwise might have been. Though I do like photographing without much planning or thought, simply capturing the moment, point and shoot.

So here are a few photographs, simply for the love of cow parsley. I'll include one of me from a couple of years ago because every now and again, I like to prove I exist!

J x


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