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an ode to wild foxgloves & bumblebees

For the love of sunshine at 6am and the wood to myself.

It seems to be a good year for the wild foxgloves, so plentiful across an area of the woods cleared a few years ago. The sunlight finding its way to the ground making all the difference no doubt.

A field of foxgloves feels something like a magical land, humming with sleepy velvet bees as they bumble from flower to flower.

Foxgloves in folklore have many a tale to tell, from the flowers being used by foxes as gloves for their feet to muffle their footsteps, to the sway of their long stems as they nod and bow to passing fairy folk.

Here's to moving among the woodland fairies and sleeping foxes with bumble bees by our side.

And, in my case, a very enthusiastic dalmatian...

J x

wild pink foxgloves in the morning sunlight

wild foxgloves in the woods of Sussex


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