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an ode to another place

Sunshine. Blue sky. Cold winds. A beautiful morning, a long low tide.

another place

One hundred cast iron figures stand facing out to sea watching the tide which submerges most of them twice daily. Looking towards the snow capped peaks of Snowdonia. Watching the ships. Watching the wind farm. Another Place is slightly surreal.

Another Place | Antony Gormely

You can read more about Antony Gormley’s cast iron figures here and find some more information about visiting the beach here. We spent twice as long there as we had planned.

When I was a teenager I saw an installation at the Tate in Liverpool titled Field. A floor filled with simple clay forms, all hand made, all different. They filled an entire space and you could not walk among them, only view from the doorway. They made a lasting impression on me and it is still the single most memorable exhibit I have seen.

Another Place comes second.


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