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bluebell woods

April is a magical month in English woodlands. Although plenty of new growth can be found in March, it is not until now that they really come alive. And nothing heralds spring quite like a sea of bluebells.

I usually walk in the woods daily (all year round, I would add, not just in spring) but as it is a few minutes drive from my house I have only been there a handful of times since we were told to stay at home. So many places we usually walk to have been closed or are now filled with many more people than usual (understandably, we are all using space more creatively at the moment!) that we are walking Maud at dawn or dusk when we can find a little more empty space to walk in.

bluebells at sunset under green beech trees

Anyway, I waffle, feeling guilty for getting in the car a couple of times a week to walk my dog in relatively people free spaces! When other than that, we haven't left the house except for food shopping. Strange times.

The purpose of this post is to send a little spring your way. I hadn't been to the wood for days until today. After a weekend of unseasonably warm weather the bluebells are collectively showing their faces. Not quite at their fullest yet, but beautiful just the same. It was a joy to see them.

So I think perhaps now is the time to share some of the photos I took last year and a few from the year before. Because I am not sure a photoshoot there is quite what I should be doing right now, even if I am there anyway and would love to photograph them again! See, strange times, feeling guilty again for even wanting to grab the camera to spend half an hour in the woods.

Photos from the archives it is. And a little video of Maud.

Until next year...

bluebells under green beech trees, a very English wood

English bluebell woods at sunset


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