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I have have been watching a small flock of blue tits use our garden as a dining room for months. I don't know if there are enough to call them a flock really, usually between 3 and 5 at a time. Their flight is like a dance, lovely to watch. They are vocal too...

Determined to catch them on film, it took me two days of stalking to capture. They are timid things, not at all happy with my presence, so I filmed at a distance setting the camera up and pressing record before heading indoors to watch and wait. Several times. The joy of finding 10 seconds with a bird in the tree is possibly disproportionate...

Now I know this is not cinematography at it's best, but having spent so long trying to catch it on film, it deserves a post here. I'll leave the sound on although the background noise is a bit obvious, just because I like the simplicity of it so much.

And if you plant one thing for winter flowers, I really recommend a little winter flowering cherry tree like this, it flowers from November til spring almost continuously!

J x


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