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happiness in simple things with Fat Face

I have a theory – not a complicated one – that happiness is found in simple things. Now don’t get me wrong, those things can be grand or small, but always at the centre of that happy feeling is something fairly simple. Maybe sparked by the joy of a child’s laughter, or taking time to appreciate the beauty of the little details in every day. Doing something you enjoy. Being with people who make you feel good about yourself. The sun shining. Oh and wearing stripy clothes because it’s such a happy pattern… So when Fat Face asked me to work with them styling some of the pieces from their Coastal Whites collection, which included this dress below, I didn’t hesitate for long.

happiness in simple things | fat face

How is this related to the title of this post? Well, some say Fat Face wash their clothes in happiness before they find their way into our wardrobes and I’m taking that lovely thought into styling some outfits for the things that make me happy.

Sitting among the wild flowers taking photos is one of my favourite summer pastimes. Watching them sway in the breeze and catch the light. Here with the gentle warmth of the evening sun, I enjoyed listening to the busy sounds of the fields and hedgerows. Even when all I had was 15 minutes I left feeling content and with a handful of pretty photo’s that captured the essence of summer. Simple pleasures. And in an ideal world the stripy dress above would be perfect for such a time wouldn’t it?

Or how about travel and adventures? Planning or doing, who cares, the notion of a break from the routine is such a happy one isn’t it? Where to go? What to see? How can we widen our horizon of experiences? Filling our lives with adventures is good for the soul. Even before we step out of the door my mood is lifted with possibilities. My daily uniform is about eighty percent jeans related and this super skinny pair are so soft and comfy that they are definitely heading into new favourites territory…

Adventures don’t have to mean travel though do they? Another of my favourite places is just 5 minutes down the road, full of treasures and ever changing in temperament. The beach is a place I go whenever I have a chance, I feel truly blessed to have it on my doorstep, no matter that we have shingle and rocks rather than sand because it’s still the beach and the sea still sings the same song. I find I am a hopeless collector of beach treasures and am incapable of coming home without pockets full of pretty pebbles and shells. These cropped wide leg jeans are perfect for beach combing adventures, no soggy hems with enough room for rock jumping (inevitable if you go to Birling Gap with my children). Worn with this lovely cami which is great for summer.

I don’t often share fashion related posts, the reasons are many but I can genuinely say that several items in my everyday wardrobe have come from Fat Face. As a brand I believe in them. I have worn their clothes for many years as have my family and you know what? They suit our outdoorsy life perfectly. They wash well, they wear well and they stand up to the hard wearing that children give them. The outfits pictured here are already part of my daily wear, give me the comfort of the familiar any old day. Washed in happiness? Absolutely.

You know what makes me happiest of all though? These four. Simple as that.

J x

this post is sponsored by Fat Face, all thoughts and opinions are very much my own


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