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renovation tales | a vintage rug

OK I know it's not a shed. But I still don't know what else to call it...

The shed is insulated. Hooray. On every side. BUT, it is still a shed and it does lose heat fairly quickly. The wood burner has made an enormous difference to it's usability in winter, I only need to burn three or four logs and it's toasty warm all day. It takes no time to heat up.

a vintage handmade silk and cotton rug with pink pattern

Except for the floor. Which retains the cold of the ground beneath for longer than I would perhaps like it to. Now I know I could keep my shoes on, but I have better things to do with my time than clean the floor in there constantly (whose idea was it to paint it white anyway?) so I tend to kick off my shoes at the door. Which leads to very cold toes...

I spend a fair amount of time out there each week. I go out to work at the table without the distractions of indoors (nothing exciting, more an endless basket of washing and the like). Or to take photographs.

And so, as this is my third winter out there, the search for a rug has been on my list for a while now. Something to cushion my toes from the cold that also looks pretty. I keep half an eye open for many things I want to source as I would rather source well thank quickly. Too often in the past I have filled our home with speedy purchases that haven't lasted well or that have no particular style and character.

When we bought our house eight years ago, we decided to furnish it differently from our last home. Many items we buy are pre-loved, second hand (maybe third, fourth, fifth hand. Who knows) or hand made. Or both. Because I don't want to live in an off the shelf home just like any other you may see. Of course some items have been and have to be new, just not all of them. It's an ongoing process because we are in no rush to re-home things that don't quite fit now and there is a kind of satisfaction in waiting for the right pieces.

A rug in itself will make a fairly big statement. It can completely change a space, especially an all white interior, so finding 'the one' has taken me a while. Happily though, the perfect rug has come to me by way of a lovely lady named Anna.

weft by we are here now

The beautiful vintage rug which now dresses the window end of the shed was a gift from Anna Jacobsen, an interior stylist based between Amsterdam and Norfolk. Anna sources some amazing vintage rugs, with a keen eye for craftsmanship and sustainability.

Not only does she have a great eye, Anna donates 10% of her profits to a different charity each month. Her sales are supporting charities who help vulnerable women, children and refugees - the details of which she shares on her dedicated instagram page. This is also the best place to see what she has recently sourced, rugs do sell through Instagram before they reach her online shop, so it's worth keeping an eye on stories and posts if you are looking for something specific!

This rug is hand woven in silk and cotton, sits perfectly beside the pink cupboard and also happily sits beside the black and white rug at the other end of the shed. The end I don't often photograph, you can see a glimpse of them together in the first photo above. And a quick snap below, ruched up rug and all.

I quite like a little imperfection if I'm honest, because that's life. And if you are looking for a rug, Anna ships worldwide and is a joy to converse with. The sneaky peek videos of the rugs are a treat in themselves!

J x

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weft by We Are Here Now on Instagram - the best place to see what's new!

as mentioned above, the pink rug in this post was a gift from Anna


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