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nordic moods

Our renovation expert (who has recently retired, the shock, I haven't finished my house yet?!) has always joked that my style is Scandiwegian with a hint of English country. I think that's a fair assessment really, my grandparents had elements of Scandinavian design in their home and I guess the familiarity of it has stayed with me.

So when Nordic Moods (the new book by Katrine Mortensen-Larsen) was released, I was keen to see a copy for myself. Katrine spent some of her childhood in England and mentions early in the book her love of English country style. Using elements of this alongside Nordic design, I was keen to see how they worked together and what more I could learn for finishing my own home.

Katrine Martensen-Larsen is a Danish interior designer with an eye for creating homes that reflect the lives of the inhabitants. Looking deeper than the surface decor, adding personal elements and creating moods. Her new book, Nordic Moods, is something of a handbook for those looking to create - as it is subtitled - successful interior decoration.

This book is very much about designing an interior to be lived in, one that is characterful, can be colourful and even has room for (wanting a better word) clutter. Of sorts. This is not about the minimal design which may be brought to mind with the mention of Nordic interiors it is about creating interiors which work and are to be lived in.

Katrine shares a few rooms with before and after photographs, alongside a description of how and why the design was chosen. The bathroom for me being an inspiring update, featuring a micro cement finish, something I may look into further when we finally get around to updating our second bathroom.

Katrine also guides the reader to embrace their own style through key pieces and materials, to create a design that is both in keeping with the architectural style of your home and your own style and taste.

Each of the nine projects within the book includes it's own moodboard, the place where Katrine begins each design. Through gathering colours, materials and textures, moods are created. Using details of favourite objects, natural elements, colours and textures - things that inspire the occupants - Katrine builds a story to be carried through the interior designs. Katrine shares some advice for creating your own moodboards as an essential step in any interior project.

I have turned the pages of this book several times over the last few weeks. I love how each of the themes is so different, yet each makes perfect sense within itself. This is one of my favourites in the book, the use of objects with character through age or natural materials, against a white backdrop creates a style I love.

Nordic Moods is an inspiring book, filled with beautiful photography. A book which invites you to create an interior that shares your own character and works for you. Individuality is key rather than trends or fashions. A theory I am more than comfortable with embracing myself, after all it is the way we have created our home over the years. I may well use more moodboards in the future though.

And finally, this wallpaper below. I'm sure I must have a room that needs it...


Nordic Moods book (UK)

Katrine Martensen-Larsen instagram and website

interiors images - Kira Brandt

images of the Nordic Moods book - mine


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