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a foraged wreath

At the weekend I took myself to a wreath making workshop run by the wonderful Grace Alexander at my friends house in Somerset. I make at least one wreath every festive season and have tried different versions over the years. From those on a twiggy base, to green wreaths.

Or last years incarnation (also at one of Grace's workshops) which was inspired by nesting wreaths. If you aren't familiar with a nesting wreath, they are made with a hay or straw base attached to a wire frame and are filled with nesting materials and grasses. I hung it on the log pile which is sheltered beneath our balcony just outside of the lounge window, then watched as the birds fed from it and used it as nesting material for weeks - such a pleasing experience!

a wreath made with foraged seed heads and twigs hanging above the fire place

This years wreath is another alternative to the traditional green wreath. Grace bent steel rods into various sized hoops - the one I used, pictured here, is approximately 50cm across - onto which I attached bundles of dried seed heads and beech branches. I actually hung this one indoors as I am not sure how well it would have stood up to all the recent rain, it makes me smile each time I pass it.

I find the process of creating a wreath so enjoyable. My creations may not be perfect, but then that isn't what I am striving for. Embracing the imperfect is definitely more my style.

I haven't posted a wreath here since I made one with dried hydrangeas years ago and every year I think I should have saved the latest version so here we are. I think it's fair to say I like the dry and crispy versions best...

And as an aside, I can thoroughly recommend Grace's workshops, they are relaxed, creative and inspiring. If you are interested, you can find Grace here.

J x

P.S. I paid for my space at the workshop & this post is simply a personal record of my creation.


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