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Somehow it is almost a month since I was in Venice. I wrote a post the first time I visited two years ago, and although I might update it after a second visit, for now I wanted to keep some photos from this visit here.

I was slightly apprehensive that the magic wouldn't be the same the second time I visited. Travelling with my good friend Catherine this time was like seeing the city with a different pair of eyes. We have both been before, and so shared our knowledge with each other (like where to find the best coffee, thank you Catherine, Bar Da Gino is now firmly on my map of places for another visit)! It rained as we arrived, the sun came out on the second day, and I loved it either way.

I have a theory about Venice. I think the trees are trying to escape the lagoon, almost all of them are behind walls and fences. Looking to return to dry land I suspect...

Anyway, suffice to say, the magic is still there. Perhaps even more so the second time. And I can't wait to take my children there later this year as I will have the privilege of seeing this beautiful city through their eyes too.



Of course - given the time - no trip would be complete without a visit to the colourful island of Burano. Cheerful as ever, though maybe busier this time, we set out on a mission to find a house I photographed last time. It's still there, tucked away in a tiny alley and just as beautiful as I remember it.

I think Venice is just a little bit special. Busy, crumbly, touristy - yes - but magical just the same.

J x

All images in the post were taken with a Leica Q wearing a 28mm lens - Leica kindly loaned the camera to me for the trip. this post is neither sponsored by nor affiliated with Leica, I simply want to keep the memories of Venice here.


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