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Paris - a photo journal

On a very warm midweek day, I visited Paris with my friend Catherine. Warm is an understatement, it was over 30º, which in a city feels hotter. Actually it was glorious, a summer escape if even for just one day.

I haven't been to Paris before. I would like to have longer to explore, perhaps next time. For now though, I'm just going to keep a few of the memories here...

The view from the Sacré-Cœur above, and a few from Galerie Vivienne below. We chatted to the owner of this shop with the books in the window - famous in it's way on Instagram. Inside they specialise in vintage maps and charts, with many large folders of them to leaf through. The owners work offline, and were curious as to why so many people take photographs of their window. We asked for her permission before taking photos, and I bought a beautiful old book from the collection they had outside.

We wandered through Montmartre. Slowly it has to be said, as by the afternoon we were a little overheated and tired! It is a beautiful area of the city filled with character.

La Maison Rose, a lot of twirling and posing going on outside this facade (not by us I should add), I can see why. It's very pretty.

An iced coffee at Folks & Sparrows - the perfect place to rest a while in the shade. The tiles on the floor, those shelves. And the quiet of early afternoon.

I do love a wonky facade too and Paris has them a-plenty.

A glimpse of the Notre Dame from the other side of the river. Such a beautiful building.

It may have been a very long day, but it was wonderful.

Hopefully one day I'll visit again for longer.

J x


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