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old instagram

OK, fancy a giggle? I have been organising my cloud based storage recently and unearthed the BEST collection of old Instagram photos all of which I actually posted. Honestly, I am not making this up, just have a look at these!! The filters and borders at which I excelled… Proving absolutely that I have, if nothing else, improved my photography & editing over the last three to four years. Do I get a certificate…?

I am posting this to give you a laugh, encourage you – hopefully – and to let you know that anyone can improve (I mean, the fire engine, what was I even thinking?!) Sigh. I promise Anna is a happy child, how many grumpy photos did I take and whyyyyy? I had so much fun compiling this lot, laugh away, I’m laughing with you.

4 years after I downloaded the app I think I’ve found my style. I finally have a username I am happy with (@julibump is long gone, I was pregnant when I downloaded the app, genius name hey?

@juliabesidethesea now posting photos from beside the sea, yes I think I’m clever and also know I’m not really). On with editing colours that look real and NOT using filters…

Julia xx


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