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christmas gift wrapping

The last of this years 12 days of Christmas posts is one of my favourites. Short and sweet, lets have a little look at wrapping your gifts with a tiny bit more thought, but certainly taking no more time than using a roll of festive wrap from any old shop… Yes I am wrapping it up with some wrapping (and yes you can roll your eyes).

alternative gift wrapping ideas

This is one of my favourite quick wrapping ideas, I keep a roll of the cheapest baking paper (the one without a glossy side) in the kitchen and it proves useful time and time again. Thinner than printer or art papers it is easy to use as giftwrap and takes the ink from stamp pads really well. I used a bronze ink here (bought from a craft shop) and this stamp… Easy peasy.

Another way with the same paper, or perhaps some brown kraft paper. This time without stamps, using a little linen twine wrapped three times around and a sprig of festive foliage. This is the simplest way to make a gift a little unique, eucalyptus is also great as it dries so nicely if the gift is handed over a few days before it is to be opened.

If, like me, you have a fairly large stash of fabrics then this is one of my absolutely favourite wrapping techniques. Embarrassingly easy yet beautifully effective, any plain or patterned fabric will do and the added bonus of a completely reusable wrapping. Perfect! You can find the instructions here if you would like to follow a tutorial, in a nutshell place your object diagonally on the square of fabric. Tie two opposite corners tightly together. Then carefully gather the extra fabric around the gift and tie the remaining two corners in a double knot. Alternatively you could use calico and stamp or decorate with fabric paints, calico is relatively cheap and this would make a gift even more personal.

Three easy ways to wrap gifts. As always you can share with #12daysoffaffing on Instagram, I’d love to see if you have a go. The ribbons I used here are the most beautiful plant dyed silk ribbons from Fleuropean I definitely recommend a look.

Julia x


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