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Babington House

Earlier this week I visited Babington House in Somerset, on invitation to join them for the hotels twentieth birthday celebration. Set in the countryside close to Frome, Babington House is a luxury hotel and members club.

I have heard about it many times through friends, who always sing it's praises, so it was an unexpected treat to be invited. Obviously I was curious to see whether it lived up to it's reputation.

Babington House, Somerset
Nikon d810 40mm ISO 1600 f/5.6

I have also been curious about Soho House hotels as a whole for a while now. Having seen their events through posts on Instagram - as I am sure many of us have. So this was the perfect opportunity to see one for myself.

Babington House is in the countryside, unlike most other Soho House hotels which are city based. Think English country estate with all the facilities you might need, and you're pretty much there. Everything has been thought of for you and it would be easy to stay for several days without leaving the grounds.

Although the surrounding area is beautiful too, so I would guess you might want to explore.

But my point is this, you wouldn't needto. From rooms to dining - by way of the spa, gym and pool, everything is here.  The site is not so big as to be overwhelming though. There are only 33 bedrooms, plus access to the facilities for members, so it has a buzz without feeling too crowded.

And the good news is that you don't need to be a member to stay. This is something I haven't been clear on myself so I asked, and yes, anyone can book a room.

To start the birthday celebrations we were treated to brunch in the log room. A beautiful space with a huge ( I mean huge, it would easily seat 30) table and open fire.

This was followed by a cookery masterclass in the walled garden where we helped prepare our lunch under the guidance of Anna Barnett. It turned out to be a delicious, autumnal feast of pork schnitzel with potato and green salads followed by grilled peaches and grapes with clotted cream. All enjoyed with a glass of pink wine in unseasonably warm sunshine - the perfect way to spend a relaxed afternoon.

Ending with a very full stomach as you can imagine...

lunch with the help of Anna Barnett Cooks, Babington House, the walled garden

The rest of the afternoon was spent exploring and relaxing before we met for cocktails in the bar, followed by dinner in the orangery.

Fresh, seasonal and no photos allowed. So you will have to take my word on how perfect it was!

The Walled Garden, Babington House

My room overlooked the walled garden. I say room, but it was more of a suite with a split level layout. There is no other word to describe it than luxurious. The bed was so comfortable...

After an early morning photo session (many of these photos were taken then, the light was just so perfect!) my toes were thoroughly chilled.  I lit the log burner and shared an amazing room service breakfast. Actually it turns out the top of a log burner is great for re-warming cold coffee too.

I do love an early morning wander though, especially when it includes frost, mist and filtered sunlight. And the quiet before most people are out and about.

room service for breakfast, Soho House

After breakfast, before I set off for home, I was treated to a visit to the spa. It was blissful. I left feeling pampered and thoroughly relaxed. My whole visit felt like a treat from beginning to end.

Sometimes, often, I really am very grateful for the work I do and the opportunity it occasionally brings. I do appreciate how lucky I am!

Happy twentieth birthday to Babington House, and thank you for the invitation to come and stay, I thoroughly recommend a visit.

J x


Babington House, Frome, Somerset - a Soho House hotel

My stay at Babington House was gifted without obligation, all thoughts are - as always - my own


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