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Chasing light | 5 tips for photographing the sun


I have spent much of the last year (in photography) chasing light – photographing the sun. Whenever possible I love to photograph in soft sunlight as a hint of light brings a photograph to life. Golden hour – that time of day photographers enthuse about – is the very best time to photograph in sunlight. The shadows are softer and the light less harsh than it can be in the middle of the day (especially in summer). However I’ve taken photos in mid winter at midday when the sunlight is filtered through a hazy mist, photo’s like that of the deer further down this post, proving that if the conditions are right you can use the sunlight to your advantage at other times of day too.

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Venice in 3 days


Venice has been on my bucket list for a long time. After arranging a trip last year then having to rearrange it, altering who was travelling and sorting out the childcare and home arrangements, twice, it is fair to say I had high hopes for the 3 day visit I finally took with my mum at the end of February.

Venice in 3 days is perfectly do-able from the UK, I wanted to put together a little travel guide of sorts as not all research told me the few things that would have been really handy to know! Like take a water bus to as close as you can to your hotel, don’t try and walk it. I would recommend doing your homework first too and having a loose plan for the sights you really want to see.

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The story of February


I can’t quite get my head round it being March already. How did that happen?! The story of February is a tale of two halves. We will largely ignore the first half as yet again it was spent feeling decidedly unwell, but the second half has been quite lovely thank you very much. And it ended on a happy note as I was in Venice with my mum for a few days. What an utterly beautiful city it is too.

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Posting unscripted


Truth be told, right now I’m a little bored with my carefully curated Instagram gallery. January – a new year – usually brings with it an urge to shake things up a bit, to form a loose plan and purpose for the year. This time last year I hatched a plan that went along the lines of ‘make it work or move out’. By which I meant engaging with my followers (I love this part, the daily chats) and posting with purpose. A plan that included working with more of the brands I love. Or leaving for good. I was really looking for a reason to be there because actually 2015 was difficult for me online.

A big part of my year on Instagram involved deciding what to post in advance and being meticulous about what those posts would be, in a bid to keep it interesting and varied. And here’s the thing, it absolutely worked for me. I grew my following by 60,000 people in 12 months, without any kind of major feature or collaboration, actually I’m quite proud of this. I had no real publicity elsewhere, I just posted my best at all times, engaged with my followers and was careful about my collaborations – of which there are more than a few. This year though I have a theory about posting unscripted…

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A quick guide to Instagram hashtags


It’s been a while. I am not apologising though, more nodding my head in acknowledgement that it’s been such a long time since I shared any Instagram related musings. I have several posts half written and none quite finished so let’s start here with a quick guide to Instagram hashtags.

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