Slow living with Weekend:IN


I have been shopping small for several years now whenever possible. So when invited to Weekend:IN’s slow living retreat, with the opportunity to meet several small businesses, it seemed like the perfect fit for me. A chance to think about the notion of slow living some more at the very least and to meet some brands who embrace the principle of thoughtfulness. I want to share with you a little more about the small businesses involved and hope at least some of this may resonate with you too.

I don’t often attend press events. But what Olivia does with Weekend:IN is to connect small brands with people like me who have a voice to share the wonderful work they do. Looking not just at, but beyond the name and the aesthetic, into the brands stories and ethos. In simple terms why they are doing what they do. And how is that relevant?

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photography & instagram

March in the making & creating a handwritten overlay


February always flies by doesn’t it? Each month I mean to write this post, and each month I don’t quite have time. So I’m taking a moment to actually share it at last. Every month I create my calendar for Instagram and every month I have messages asking – amongst several other things – what font I use for them. Admittedly I find this a huge compliment because it is my handwriting, my not-so-amazing calligraphy, layered onto the wreath photos I take specifically for this project. So I thought it would be fun to film a behind the scenes look at March in the making and a tutorial for creating a handwritten overlay.

March – Nikon d500 ISO250 20mm f/4

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time to create – wool & the gang


Winter. It isn’t my favourite. Aside from snowy days which I’ll take happily, it’s cold. Dark. Often grey. And also the busiest time of the year in my house. Stress runs high and sleep runs short. But we won’t be beaten!

One of my favourite ways to get through winter is to explore my creativity. In fact winter is the perfect time to create.  This is a tale I’ve told many times. My love for making something out of nothing and a creative streak that is forever a part of me. If I can create, I feel at peace. Anything, from baking, to photography to my first love of sewing. I’ll try most crafts given the opportunity. Even knitting…

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photography & instagram

Photo editing – white balance


I think it’s about time I updated my quick guide to editing whites, or getting your white balance right, since my first post on this was more than two years ago. It is important to understand editing white balance if you would like your photographs to appear natural. Of course many people use filters which tint the image too. That’s great if it is your style, but you still  need to understand the white’s you are beginning with to create a cohesive portfolio.

I want to keep this short because the how-to is really simple, yet it can completely change the look of your photos. So what is white balance? And how do we fix it?

Burano – Leica d-lux 109

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photography & instagram

moving photos – creating a cinemagraph


Hello lovely you! In a small change to this weeks planned update on editing white balance, I am popping in with a tutorial on creating a cinemagraph. So many people asked me how I created the post below and if I could share it here, so that is exactly what I am doing! White balance to follow next week…

I was first inspired to look at creating a cinemagraph when Sara of Me & Orla started playing with them, a couple of years ago actually. Just look at #cinemagraph and you will find thousands of examples. And in the meantime I have made many, some of which are on my Instagram gallery. But cinemagraphs have been around a lot longer than this. I would guess that their rise in popularity recently is linked to the ease of editing, like many editing skills,  creating a cinemagraph is now a possibility for anyone who would like to try and not just those with access to professional editing software. Actually the origins of the cinemagraph are decades old. I found this article about their history really interesting if you’d like to read more too.

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