The appreciation of small things


I have long held a theory that the appreciation of small things is invaluable to my state of mind. A bold statement perhaps, but not at all unfounded. By teaching myself to find something positive in every situation, to actively seek out the good, I can maintain a level of optimism even through tough times.

But more than that, I have found a confidence in myself I never knew was possible. I am able to let go of the things-that-might-not-be and concentrate my efforts more on the things that are or can be. Mostly…

blessed are those who see beautiful things in humble places where others see nothing | Camille Pissarro

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Of a Tuscan retreat


It may have taken me a month to put this together, mainly because it’s been such a hectic month, but I have been wanting to share the story of a Tuscan retreat since I was there. But I have kept coming back to the photos I took and so, here they are.

I was invited as a guest to a women’s wellness retreat being held in a beautiful Tuscan villa (anyone who knows me well knows that Tuscany has been on my bucket list for a very long time) and of course, after the usual family juggling, I was keen to go along and see where the event took me.

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photography & instagram

Into the fields | 5 tips for photographing wild flowers


I have been photographing wild flowers for more than five years now. I have developed my own style along the way and learned an awful lot about how best to capture their nature.

I am not simply taking a photograph to document a species, I want to capture how they dance, how they face the light. And since it is wild flower season now, I thought it might be useful to share some of the things I have learned along the way with you.

photographing wild flowers - small scabious on the south downs
Nikon d810 46mm ISO 320 f/3.5

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renovation tales – go outdoors



Following on from my previous post about the building of the shed (that is not really a shed), now it is time to go outdoors and look at the outside of the building with its brand new deck. For this I am partnering with Argos to share with you some easy ways to make the most of your outdoor space with the help of their McGregor range of garden tools.

It’s amazing how a few hours in the garden can be so satisfying, and you will enjoy the fruits of your labour for a long time afterwards! I find that gardening for me is most enjoyable when I tackle it a little at a time. Gradually progress is made and each year has been better than the last. We inherited a garden that had been largely untouched for decades – much like the house – and the first few years were mostly about taming the unruly mess it had become

afternoon tea & McGregor gardening tools from Argos

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renovation tales – the shed


Oh I haven’t shared any renovation tales for an age and a half! Not because we are finished. Far from it. More because I have felt overwhelmed with the endless ride of renovating a house that hasn’t been shown much love for a long old time. Years, decades perhaps. Not much more than patching up and doing the essentials…

Half way through last year we reached the point of needing a break so that is what we took. And then we moved on to a project that we have been planning since pretty much the day we moved in almost 7 years ago. One that, although intrusive, at least meant the house was mine and not to be shared with builders during the work.

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