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humphrey & grace - studio
Our Studio 

this is the space from which your images will be created

Whether you are looking for images on a small scale or of a whole room, our studio space is designed with flexibility in mind. It can be rearranged to suit your needs. Any additional furniture requirements will need to be discussed in advance, the space can be dressed as a dining room or lounge easily. 


The space measures approximately 4 x 4.5m and has large windows to two sides which can be blacked out as required. There is also a single window to the ceiling (see the image above) which, again, can be blacked out if required.

The wood burning stove, light fittings and high shelf on the wood clad wall are permanent fixtures, all other items can be moved if required.

For more information on working with me, please click HERE or to make an enquiry please click HERE.

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