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the story of july

The story of July is one of summer. True, there have been some grey skies but in between there was this light, the stuff of photographers dreams… And if June was the month of flowers, July has been the month of outdoors. From fields to beaches to towns to the garden – yes for now you will mostly find us outdoors.

July also saw the end of a school year and beginning of the summer holidays. I must admit I am ready for a slower pace for 6 weeks. I am ready to share my days with my children more than my computer. As I write this my laptop is crunching on the sand on my table, a remnant of this lovely day at Camber Sands (although how/why it is on my table I still haven’t worked out). The sand that seems to have found it’s way into every corner of my home. And car. Then there are always collections of shells and posies of grass and daisies in random corners of my home. These little summer details I adore, the quiet reminders of outdoor fun.

I treated myself to a new notebook from Flatland Drygoods. It is hand screen printed with a limited release each month. Pictured below in the bottom row centre, I am using it as a kind of scrapbook with Anna of things we collect.

In the same photo is a bottle of Le Labo Bergamote 22 fragrance, another gift from a brand I love. The packaging says that each bottle is made to order, mine was bottled on 1st July. The bottle also has my name on it – I adore their packaging, reminiscent of apothecary bottles from times gone by and yet oh so modern too – with a personal touch that speaks of the companies desire to be a little more creative. Not to mention the fragrance which is just lovely and wears well.

July has been beautiful in so many ways, I have noticed the wildflower meadows everywhere, the turning of the crops, the sparkly evening light. The story of July is, indeed, a happy one.

J x

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