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flower filled baubles

Recently I came across a photo on Pinterest of a cactus in a perspex ball (which I might have mistaken for a dandelion clock to begin with) and the cogs started turning. You see we have been gathering pretty seed heads on walks and drying flower heads all year. Back to the hydrangea wreath project, after years of not quite managing it, this year I dried several colourful hydrangeas. Many more than I needed but I don’t like to throw away this small success so the idea of bauble filling was just perfect!

The photo I found had a perspex ball with a seam around the outside, pretty enough though our tree sits next to a window and being the finickity sort that I am, I would rather not see the seam. So the search for a fillable glass bauble started. I came across two sorts, those that are used as hanging vases and those which are simply baubles with a removable cap and hanging loop. I’ll add some sources at the end…

I chose the baubles with a cap, as you can see, and I’m sure I won’t need to tell you how to remove the top and carefully post the flowers inside. I cut the blooms from the dried hydrangeas, discarding those that had turned brown, and snipped tiny sections of seed heads from wild flowers gathered over summer, then spent the most enjoyable time absorbed in creating these decorations. I used ribbon from my scrap basket and some new silk ribbons to finish them off. You know what, these might just be my favourite home ‘made’ item this year! Each is unique and each holds a memory.

Whilst enjoying them as the are, there are other ideas and suggestions to try. One suggestion on my Instagram photo was to fill them with hand written wishes. How amazing would that be as a personalised gift?! Next year I’ll be doing that for sure. Maybe add some glitter with your flowers. Rolls of ribbon or tiny origami stars? One of mine has a single swans feather which Anna collected from the edge pond near Ed’s old school, he moved on in July after almost six years. Anna and I sat by the pond for what must add up to hours and hours, this is a memory capsule that makes me feel nostalgic.

This is also a task you could do with children. I might recommend using plastic baubles though as the glass is quite delicate and fiddly to fill. Any tiny treasure they find would be great, why not try painting pinecones or cutting paper snowflakes?

Places I found the baubles are here, here and here. Hanging vases here. Ribbons here.

Julia x


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