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crocheted pebbles

I can't crochet. Maybe one day I will learn, but for now I can't. A while ago I asked mum if she could crochet covers on some pebbles for me, because I really love crocheted pebbles. Recently she came to stay, and this is what happened...

a collection of crochet covered stones and painted pebbles with a coiled string bowl

I painted the fern at near the bottom of this collection years ago, I use it in the shed as a paperweight. This time I painted more with leaves and dots - it is a surprisingly relaxing way to spend an hour or two. And the joy of living at the seaside is an endless supply of pebbles.

I have experimented a little with coil baskets and bowls in the past. This one is not quite as perfect as it might be, the string I coiled is loosely spun and I am out of practise to say the least. I need to work on my technique here.

Anyway, I think the stars are the crocheted pebbles my clever mum made, some of which have already been squirrelled away by my children...


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