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Hiring a photographer is not for everyone. If you are looking to improve your own photography, below you will find links to my photography resources, from online course and workshops to free downloads and blog posts.

Whether you are using the camera on your phone or a DSLR, there is something here for you.


workshops & online courses

join one of my workshops or learn photography at your own pace, online. A great place to start for those looking to improve their own photography, to capture images for personal or business use!

the woods - humphrey & grace

free downloads

beginners guides for photography, including using your smart phone camera effectively, basic manual camera settings and finding your personal photographic style - download now and use at your leisure


blog posts on photography

from basics principles of photography, to chasing light & editing photos, this collection of blog posts is regularly updated  


in their words

“On Photography” is guaranteed to make you fall in love with photography. Julia is a natural teacher and her passion for her subject is infectious. 

The course sets out the technical information about the camera, its settings, other equipment, use if light editing and much more in a clear and jargon-free way that is easy to grasp and gives you the confidence to experiment. Most importantly (and unlike other courses), Julia presents these within a wider context that includes finding your own creative voice, exploring what you want to achieve in your work, storytelling and even dealing with creative block. Though it’s hard to imagine you’ll suffer much from that as you are bound to catch her enthusiasm!

Ruth Eaton