If you are looking for images for your website & / or social media, please read the following.

I usually work on a day rate which includes a basic edit of photographs. For any further editing I would charge by the hour. I would like to understand your brand identity further and having a fairly detailed idea of your requirements beforehand is both helpful and time saving. Are you looking for photographs that fit with your current style so you can mix new and old images going forward?


Depending on the styling requirements, the amount of images you can expect will vary. If a new styling setup is required for each photo, I would estimate 6-8 photos per day. If the same setup can be used multiple times - or for straightforward product only shots - you could expect more. 


A detailed brief would be helpful should you wish me to prepare an estimate for you.


As an indication, my usual day rate - £500

A non refundable deposit is required on booking.

You can read our full terms & conditions HERE.

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