one year in portraits

one year in portraits | March


March & one year in portraits is already a quarter of the way through. The first two photos this month are from a trip to Birling Gap and it’s white cliffs. A play with perspective where one child looks teeny tiny and another looks like a giant. Landscapes can do that can’t they?

a year in portraits | humphrey & grace

I love the lunar landscape at Birling Gap, it’s just so different to any other I know, and happily my children feel the same way.

a year in portraits | humphrey & grace

Anna turned 4 this month and how those years have flown by, so much faster than I remember it being with Millie and Ed. This is an out-take from a post I was writing this month and I adore it. The light on her hair. Anna is also the only of the three who has consistently climbed into our bed each morning so this is her all over. I know she will grow out of it sometime soon and I will treasure this photo.

a year in portraits | humphrey & grace

Sisters, despite the age gap they get on like a house on fire. This is an out take from a photo shoot at the beach huts in Cooden. All white which suits this months post down to the ground wouldn’t you say? And look, no coat!! Hopefully spring will cheer up a bit from here on in as blue sky has been lacking recently.

a year in portraits | humphrey & grace

Next months mission is to take more photos of them doing something other than standing around because that seems to be all I take photos of at the moment. And to take more photos of Ed even if they have to be covert ones. Hmmm.

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