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humphrey & grace

What’s in a name? I have a few. Julia. Humphrey & Grace. Juliabesidethesea. Yes there are a few more, mummy being my favourite, but that’s not really relevant to this post so I’ll just keep that one safe… My point here is really that I am considering bringing a little less confusion with my name. “Hi I’m Julia, my website, photography and (hopefully soon to be re-opened) shop are known as Humphrey & Grace or, hang on a mo, my Instagram handle is @juliabesidethesea…”

Sooo after a long time thinking about it because I’ve been too chicken to actually do anything about it, I’m putting the thought out there that at some point soon I might just change my username on Instagram to @humphreyandgrace. I already have the name on my second account so I know it’s there. Let’s call this post a fair warning of sorts, just a heads-up. Can you sense my indecision?

The more lovely followers stop for a while the harder I’m finding it to change, how silly is that? Tell me it’s silly… OK some might wonder what on earth they are following @humphreyandgrace for but I know those who care will work it out. I really never thought I would ever have so many followers and it still blows my mind that I do, if I’d had an inkling I might have changed my name before it all got a bit bigger. Realistically though people follow for the photos and not the name don’t they?

I won’t be letting go of @juliabesidethesea because that is also intrinsically me, more swapping names on accounts and hoping that most people don’t get too confused by it! You see Humphrey & Grace is one of my favourite names. The journey to the name is a little of my life story, Humphrey being part of the name of the company where my husband is a partner. He began working there as a trainee a couple of years after we met and although we moved away for a while, it is the place where he moved from student to employee to partner and has built up his career along the way. It is a massive part of who we are. Grace is my middle name. When I was a child I cringed about it but name trends change and it seems my middle name is not as old fashioned as it used to be. I reckon it works so perfectly with Humphrey that it was just meant to be. Humphrey & Grace. Him & me.

@juliabesidethesea is a name I chose simply because it was free and my actual name is impossible to use in any variation. Since I posted lots of photos of the beach at the time I changed it, that’s what I chose.

Humphrey & Grace the website/shop I set up in early 2014, the blog in early 2015 – it’s nearly my 1st blog birthday – perhaps it’s time to bring a little more order to my ‘brand’ for want of a better word.

So what’s in a name? A story. A history. A connection. A lot.

Perhaps I WILL change my username. If I ever pluck up the courage. Maybe I’m overthinking…

Julia x



7 comments on “what’s in a name?”

  1. Oooh it’s exciting, change is good!
    I agonised over the same thing for months before I took the leap, my IG was ‘the vintage good life’ for ages, but my shop is ”Emma Connolly designs’, I loved my old IG name but it really was quite confusing in the end, especially as I was trying to build my brand and was using IG to do it, so I took the leap the other month, and haven’t looked back!

    Good luck Julia x

  2. hello,

    I understand it is a big decision to make for you, and I know that the more followers you have the harder it gets. I remember when I first followed you on Ig & here it took me some time to remember that juliabesidethesea is humphreyandgrace and vice versa ! So if you think in terms of new followers it really makes sense ! Good luck :) ( once you will have done it, you will think “that was easy enough !!” – don’t overthink it, is my advice)


    1. Ah thanks so much Charlotte! It confuses me so I’m sure it confuses others, I definitely need to coordinate my names a little better… And thank you for your advice, I needed to hear that xx

  3. I agree with Bex, definitely go for it! It’ll be good to have the same name as your blog. I wish I’d come up with something more interesting for my user name but I never thought of it at the time, so my blog had to follow on in the same way!

    1. Thanks Hannah! I don’t like my username at the mo anyway, just to chicken to swap… Interestingly though Rachael has just mentioned that it might take up to 2 months for the name to be available after I take it off my account?! Eek

  4. It’s a tricky one but I think you should go for it. It definitely makes sense to link all your different profiles and ventures together. A few people might be a little confused to start with then everyone will just accept it. I remember how strange it was when my friends started changing their names after they got married – now it’s weird to think of them with their maiden names. You just get used to it!
    Good luck with your decision! X

    1. Thank you Bex, I know I should do as so often it gets confusing for me never mind anyone I’m working with! Maybe I should just look at it is a shake up of sorts, if people choose to unfollow then that’s ok, it’s more important to me to make sense of my ‘brand’ and have a name that I love. Even if it will be odd to see a different name after 2 years! I appreciate your lovely comment xx

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