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weekend ways with Jo Rodgers

Weekends. I don’t know about you but I love them. When I started the #collectedsaturday community on Instagram it fast became one of my favourite galleries, to scroll and read how others spend their weekends is inspiring. I have had an idea in my head for a while now to share a little further and I’m really happy to have Jo Rodgers here today with a little about her weekends living in London. If you haven’t met Jo before may I suggest you pop over to her beautiful instagram gallery and say hello. Her photos are divine and her recipes written for Vogue Magazine are too tempting not to try…

Firstly, please introduce yourself

I’m Jo Rodgers, and I live in London with my husband Andrew.

How long have you lived in London and what drew you there?

We moved from New York City nearly six years ago. My husband’s (then boyfriend’s) company asked if he would like to be based out of London for a year. We were twenty-three and sprinted home to pack.

We arrived in the summer, and by the autumn I had told my mother that we were thinking of staying. She thought it was an awful idea.

How would you spend a lazy day in London?

I’m an early riser, so I’ll be in the bath, listening to the radio, by around 5:30. I typically brew a pot of tea and work at my desk for a couple of hours before my husband comes downstairs and makes toast.

On a Saturday, we will go to the farmer’s market around the corner from our house for vegetables, eggs, and sometimes a roasting chicken for Sunday. If we are having friends over for dinner, I might buy a shoulder of pork or a crate of good mushrooms. Then we will go to our neighborhood place for coffee and the papers, and hopefully run into a few people we know.

In the afternoon we will put something in the oven for supper, and read our books. About half an hour before the dinner guests arrive, we will tear through the house putting things away and I will scrub out the bath (why having guests always reminds me to do this, I don’t know, as not a single person has ever come over and asked to bathe).

By the time someone leans on the bell, I will be slicing salami and Andrew counting the crockery to make sure that we have enough clean plates. We will have forgotten to light the candles, but the wine will be open. Once everyone arrives, we will relax into whatever else we have overlooked (salad, probably), because our friends are lovely and unfussy, and we have enough brandy, and anyway it doesn’t matter.

We will go to bed a few hours later, having laughed a lot and left the dishes for the morning.

What is you preferred way to get around town and why?

I love to be outside and I walk nearly everywhere. Even in poor weather, when it gives me comedy hair.

Have you any favourite places or secret spaces to share with us?

If I am not at home, I am probably at the chocolate shop down the road, called William Curley. It has the best hot chocolate in town.

Could you recommend a great coffee shop or cafe?

Our local coffee shop is Tom Tom Coffee on Elizabeth Street, and it is wonderful I think. Brilliant coffee, comfortable seating, good newspapers—very much a neighborhood place.

If you had just a couple of hours spare while in town, how would you spend them?

I would have lunch somewhere delicious, like Gymkhana or Kitty Fishers, and then walk through the National Portrait Gallery.

If you weren’t at home in London, how would you like to spend a few days out of the city?

I travel often for work, but there are few places I enjoy more than the countryside in Britain. When we can, we’ll take a few days to go riding, or on day-long walks with those inscrutable walking maps. And then to a pub for cider.



Thank you Jo for sharing your weekend with us, it all sounds pretty perfect to me! You can find Jo’s Instagram gallery here and Vogue page here. And whatever your plans are this weekend, have a lovely one.

Julia x


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