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Time for the next chapter of my chat with an artisan series. This month I’d like to introduce you to Georgie of Wanderlust Life Jewellery, who hand makes all her pieces at home, though with a much wider world in mind. Georgie’s style is simple and understated, she creates wearable pieces of jewellery for everyday that mix and match beautifully and can easily be layered with one another. But maybe it’s better if I let Georgie do the talking…

Tell us a little bit about yourself…

Hello! I am Georgie Roberts, founder of Wanderlust Life Jewellery. The brand was started nearly three years ago, although became my full time job in April last year when we launched our online store.

We sell a collection of understated and minimal jewellery, made by hand in our studio by the sea in Devon. Each piece is very much inspired by the world and travel, hence the name!

I have a design-based background, and have worked for artists, art galleries and in advertising along the way, but never felt content working for other people…

I live in a smallish seasonal sea side town, and throughout my twenties we often escaped the harsh winters in search of beautiful new places and far flung destinations. My partner surfs and owns a restaurant where we live, and so down time for us was always during these winter months. I’ve been lucky to have quite a free spirited lifestyle and it was always my dream to work for myself, to give myself the freedom I crave. As I began to think about I wanted to submerge myself in, travel, beautiful things & good design came out on top! And so the workings of Wanderlust Life began…

I also wanted to have the flexibility of incorporating travel into my everyday lifestyle. In previous jobs working 9-5 Monday to Friday (for that one or 2 week holiday at the end of the year) left me feeling uninspired. Although I now work harder than i ever have done before, its beautifully rewarding and I’m in the driving seat of my own life (and do my best to squeeze in some trips away as often as I can!).

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What lead you to become a jewellery maker…?

It was my own wanderlust that became the inspiration and idea for the label and I began sourcing stones and jewels from my travels over the world to use in my designs. My mum has always been into gemstones and their properties. I still use her much loved, well thumbed ‘crystal bible’ for reference most weeks! In terms of design, I was always looking for a very minimal & simple type of jewellery, and couldn’t quite find what I was looking for – and so I started to create my own pieces. I love the juxtaposition of working with beautiful faceted gemstones that are pared back with a very understated and minimal design and love the idea that you’re carrying a gemstone from a far away place. To me, it’s like a reminder of my desire to travel, embrace new experiences, live for the ‘now’.

What keeps you creative and inspires you…?

Ohhhh – there are so many things! New experiences, travel of course. New cultures. But also just keeping things fun and exciting and stepping out of the routine once in a while. Meeting new people, taking an unexpected route on a walk. Swimming in the sea on a warm summer evening.

& time out! I used to find it really hard to step of the wheel when i first began, but soon came to realise that taking a weekend off, or taking half an hour out of the day for a walk when the sun is out is a good thing!

wanderlust life jewellery | humphrey and grace

Tell us little about your work space and creative process…

I’m based on the north coast of Devon, and we’re very lucky to live just a few minutes away from the sea. We’ve converted our spare bedroom into a studio space, and so I work there everyday. Each piece is made & assembled by hand.

Can you explain a little about the materials you use and where the gemstones come from?

Our signature style includes faceted semi precious gemstones and I work with people all over the globe including Jaipur, Canada & the US to find the right gemstones for our collection.
We also mainly work with 14k gold filled metal – which is an actual fine sheet layer of 14k gold thats applied to the base metal. Its much more durable and less likely to tarnish than the more well known gold plating.

And finally where can we find your jewellery…?

The full collection of Wanderlust Life is available through our online store We also have a smaller selection of our jewellery in stores & boutiques across the UK, including Liberty in London.

Thanks Georgie for sharing a little of your story with us! I do hope you’ll pop over and say hello, you can find Wanderlust life’s website here and Instagram gallery here. I must confess that I wear the sea glass green chalcedony necklace and gold arc necklace together just about daily at the moment. Simple and understated, I love them.

Georgie has very kindly given me a code to share with you too, you can enjoy a 10% discount using the code BYTHESEA at checkout until 31st December 2015, perfect for Christmas gifting or just treating yourself!

Julia x

wanderlust life jewellery | humphrey and grace

lifestyle shots are from Wanderlust Life, product shots are my own of items gifted by Georgie for the purpose of this post