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Vera from Vanilla Pod | Humphrey and Grace

And now for something a little different… Meet Vera, a lovingly restored 1970’s ice cream van owned by my gorgeous friend Tracey. I have known about Vera since Tracey bought her but not had the pleasure of meeting her until now. I’d heard of her escapades but hadn’t fully appreciated her feel good factor and I can honestly say, having been out for a drive in her, she would make anyone smile. Top speed, ummm, best not to ask though what she lacks in the speed department she certainly makes up for with charm. And ice cream vans aren’t about how fast they go are they? They’re about a little simple pleasure and in Vera’s case, bringing some cheer to your party or event. I’m going to let Tracey tell you her story… Vera from Vanilla Pod | Humphrey and Grace

“I was originally inspired with the idea of Vera whist on holiday in New York, New York was amazing and had everything apart from proper English Tea and as a tea addict I searched everywhere until we came cross a little old van serving tea and cake.. It was love at first sight.. Although this van wasn’t pretty and didn’t serve ice cream it sparked my dream. A year or two passed and I was getting married, my family and I catered the whole day, picnics for our sit down meal, cupcakes and tea in the garden.. It was perfect. After honeymooning I came back with a hunger to cater again and to make other peoples special events even sweeter, 2 days later I found myself in London holding the keys to a 1970s Bedford cf ice cream van, I couldn’t reach the pedals, you could see daylight through the floor, it leaked and rattled the whole way home.. but it was the best crazy decision I ever made!

I named Vera after my husbands late Nan, she was the sweetest, most amazing lady you could wish to meet. She had so much strength and happiness that it just seemed right to have Vera back in our life… I’m sure she would be giggling away that I named a van after her.
Vera from Vanilla Pod | Humphrey and Grace

It took 8 long months to renovate Vera, during the winter months it was particularly hard and too many times we froze for hours building Vera’s unique kitchen. We have replaced her windows, floor and repaired her fibreglass. I wanted to keep a lot of her original charm, the engine is completely original and we have restored her chime so we can jingle along to events now.

Vera from Vanilla Pod | Humphrey and Grace

Ice cream is Vera’s roots.. And we have a new found love for the delicious creamy stuff! We supply award winning ice cream flavours such as ‘Salted Caramel’ and ‘Rhubarb Crumble’ we also find our alcohol spiked sorbets like our ‘Champagne’ really popular. Our ice creams are scooped in the traditional way and served in pastel tubs and luxury waffle cones, sprinkles, flakes and toppings are always included. Vera is available all year round with menu options to delight the seasons, Hot Chocolates and Brownies are such fun in the autumn!

Vera from Vanilla Pod | Humphrey and Grace

We have attended lots of beautiful weddings this year, and met some amazing people! We had a few corporate events also which saw us serving ice creams in the hundreds around Eastbourne & Brighton. It truly has been the most incredible 3 years and I feel so blessed to own Vera and to be invited to lovely Parties, Weddings and Events.”

Vera from Vanilla Pod | Humphrey and Grace

For more information you can find Tracey and Vera below…

Vera Vanilla Pod on facebook (currently in the pipeline, a new blog to follow…)

And I can say from experience, the ice cream is delicious and Vera’s chime is charming!

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  1. So so adorable! When my youngest daughter was little she used to say she wanted to be an ice cream truck driver when she grew up. Kind of unrelated but this sweet article made me think of that. x

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