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OK confession time. I thought it would be interesting to try and work out exactly how many digital images I have stored on various computers and hard drives. And cd’s. Oh and online storage. And USB sticks… Sound familiar?

So I started with my laptop. It is fairly new, I don’t remember exactly when it entered my life but earlier this summer I think. Have a guess how many images are on my hard drive and online (not including my lightroom catalogue as I have this thing about doubling up, I need to know I have backup copies)… Ninethousandsevenhundredandfiftyfive. Wait, what? 9755 photos since late spring (see how I’m moving the estimate here). Or maybe it was actually the beginning of the year. Surely? I checked. My laptop and I have been inseparable since June. I have a photo taking problem it seems. Or hoarding at least (and I genuinely thought I was quite good at deleting images I don’t need). This is a problem that needs addressing, the time I spend looking for the photograph I want to use for family/Instagram/blog/clients is time that could be better spent elsewhere…

But then I discovered Life:Captured Inc, and more specifically the lovely Ronnie who runs this amazing online course called Photo Organisation with Lightroom. It is a six week course that encourages participants to #unravelyourphotos with a week by week organisation building technique to include correct labelling and categorisation of the photos you store in your Lightroom library.

A little note about Lightroom. I am still relatively new to this photo editing software but am an absolute convert. Having used apps such as VSco and PicTapGo up until the time I signed up for a Lightroom package, the flexibility and fine tuning available through Lightroom is streets ahead. Literally. For a relatively small monthly fee you have unlimited access to the software, if photo taking is part of your daily life or work (or both in my case) it is well worth the money. I have never been much of a fan of filters though if you are, they can be bought for Lightroom. VSco have several, not to mention the ENORMOUS amount of filters available all over the internet, a whole new world if that is your thing! Me, I prefer to make my own adjustments… Trust me though, if you aren’t using it already, it will revolutionise your photography. If that is a possible ‘thing’. There’s no going back to life before Lightroom for me. Although it probably goes without saying, you will need to have access to Lightroom if you are considering taking part in Life:Captured Inc courses.

So how does the online course work? The premise is simple enough. To begin with, after registration, Ronnie sends an email with all the relevant access information to begin the course. Each week of the course begins with an email to inform you when the lessons are live. You can take the lessons at your own pace over six week period that the course runs for, with a further 30 days access online to recap after the six weeks is up. There is also a forum where you can chat to the other folk on your course and ask Ronnie any questions that pop up along the way (and they do…) Ronnie is quick to reply, ever so friendly and knowledgable.

Each lesson is structured in a similar way. There are short videos to watch then notes to read. All information is also available to print each week to use as a reference as and when you please. Then there are practical elements to the lessons which are invaluable, for me this was an introduction on how to use Lightroom beyond photo editing. It is such a clever program with simple enough ways to organise your life photos, that even someone who struggles with written instructions (i.e. me) can get the hang of it. Some elements of the course I did have to repeat to really understand but it was worth persevering with them to enable the system of labelling to function properly.

Since I took this course, Life:Captured Inc have launched the same course as a workshop-in-a-box kit. The contents of which are photographed here (well, minus the laptop and beverages…) it also includes a six month access to the online element of the course. Amazing stuff, to be able to re-visit videos (if you are a visual learner like me) and truly take things at your own pace to ensure complete understanding would be a brilliant thing!

As for me, I haven’t actually got around to doing a complete count of digital images. The first count was scary enough. But I can tell you I now have just over 2300 photos in my Lightroom library and after carefully keywording most of the backlog already there, I can easily find the images I’m looking for rather than endless searching. The time taken to label is far less than the time I would be spending scrolling up and down looking for that one particular photo I need to find. And for that alone the course was more than worth taking, the techniques I learned I now use daily. I’ve yet to take control of the backlog, but it feels slightly more achievable now!

Life:Captured Inc can be found online here and their Instagram gallery here. The new workshop boxes are only available in limited numbers and at certain times of the year, the first of these at your own pace (within a six month period) courses starts on 1st January, all information can be found here.

PLUS I have a discount code to share with you if you fancy joining the course or giving a place as a Christmas gift! First a little info… Life:Captured Inc are currently offering express shipping with DHL to the UK and US, which means if you order one of their workshop-in-a-box kits by 17th December it should arrive before Christmas. You can still order after this date (dependant on availability), just bear in mind that orders placed after 23rd December will not be sent out until after 4th January. The cost for the kit is approximately £165 (it may fluctuate with exchange rates) and Life:Captured Inc are offering you a discount of 15% with the code JULIA at checkout, valid until 23rd December! Hooray!

Unravel your photos/organise your life. Works for me.

Julia x

organise your photos | life captured inc

Life Captured Inc kindly gifted my place on the ‘Unravel Your Photos’ online course, all thoughts and opinions are my own. I thoroughly recommend this course if you are a user of Lightroom.



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  1. I’m a big fan of Lightroom – been using it for years – and I have about 50k photos!! I force myself to sort them out at the end of each month – if I don’t, it all spirals out of control easily. I find the winter months are a good time to do some sorting, especially as I usually take fewer photos then as the weather’s so terrible. I spent yesterday editing some beautifully sunny photos and it made me feel much better! I wrote a post a while ago about my workflow in LR in case you’re interested xxx

    1. I will definitely have a read of it Zoë thank you! I think keeping on top of it is going to be hard enough, never enough hours in the day here. But yes, perhaps January/February are a good time for me to try and tackle a bit of the backlog…

  2. I signed up to this course a while ago… I thought I was relatively good at key-wording and filing my photos, and have applied a few suggestions from other photographers too, but I have in excess of 40,000 images – eek!! And, despite my best efforts to keep it all tidy and fancy, I think I need some more help! So, I’m very happy to read that this course was a help to you – it gives me hope for my less-than-perfectly-filed-and-catalogued photo collection.

    1. Hi Leonie, thats such a lot of images! I haven’t started tackling my backlog outside of Lightroom, I know I need to import/delete/label thousands of images and that’s a very scary thought. So for now I’m just working on the labelling as I upload and will tackle the backlog in stages over time… I find it vaguely reassuring though to know I’m not the only one in this boat and Ronnie has given me a system to apply that actually works for me too!

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