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A while ago I wrote some thoughts on this thing called slow living (you can read it here). What exactly does it mean? If I’m honest I am not sure there is a specific definition as the feedback I received would suggest that it is up for interpretation. And you know what, that’s the best news! It is exactly what you want it to be, how you choose to live it.

I still can’t help but associate the term with tea, sitting and gazing, maybe I am now including a pile of blankets as cosy seems to be appropriate too…? But what I am learning is that ‘slow living’ and ‘mindful’ go hand in hand for many folk and mindful is something I always try to be. Taking a moment in the blur of the day to observe and absorb the details.

After I wrote my last post my lovely friend Emma of A Quiet Style suggested it might be interesting to find out what slow living means to others. Hopefully one day Emma will share her thoughts with us but for now I have passed the idea to Sara of Me and Orla to share her thoughts. I hope you’ll pop over for a read too. I’m also hoping that Sara will pass the slow living baton along the line and that we can gather a collection of ideas, a selection of tips and maybe a moment of pause along the way.

Whatever the result I would love to know what it means to you too…

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  1. I’m definitely ready for cosy blankets – that pile looks so inviting! For me it’s all about not rushing, doing one thing at a time, being OK with not “achieving” everything I had hoped, being present, and turning off the online world for a bit every now and then to reconnect with the real world in front of me. Popping over to Sara’s blog now xxx

  2. Serious blanket envy! I’m so pleased you asked Sara, I am going to hop over and read what she has to say in a minute. I will share my thoughts too, when I can find the time, oh the irony! Have a good weekend xx

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