the story of September


Like any parent of school age children, the story of september has mostly been about the beginning of term, new routines and new schools. It has been a little rocky if I’m honest with Anna being unsure about this whole going to school in the morning lark so my energy has been concentrated largely on her. That said there have also been a few moments of loveliness elsewhere this month and a little break from the trauma of school drop offs has been very welcome!

the story of September | humphrey & grace

Starting at the end of the month because it’s first on my camera roll, and a lovely weekend in Amsterdam with my friend Hannah. We travelled together earlier this year and having been through a fair amount on that trip (long-ish distance travel on our own with 3 small children between us all of whom were ill with a virus while we were away) we took this trip together leaving the children at home. There is something brilliant about travelling with a good friend who looks at a city in the same way as me, enjoys the same things and is also happy to hang around taking photos just because the light is perfect.

Amsterdam | humphrey & grace

Amsterdam | humphrey & grace

Amsterdam is beautiful, the architecture is amazing, all windows with little wall between. Some of the buildings lean at ridiculous angles. Not to mention the beautiful shops, it’s like a homewares heaven! I was in my element.

The Hoxton, Amsterdam | humphrey & grace

We stayed at The Hoxton Hotel on the Herengracht canal and I can’t recommend it highly enough. Aside from being a beautiful building with luxurious decor, conveniently located in the heart of the city, the staff are so friendly and helpful (speaking perfect English for those of us who haven’t mastered their language) and the food is delicious. If you are ever considering a trip to Amsterdam it is well worth a look into staying here.

The Hoxton, Amsterdam | humphrey & grace

Earlier this year I was asked to join a panel of speakers at Paperfest talking about social media as part of Top Drawer, a trade event where product designers and suppliers meet retailers. Despite feeling so nervous I couldn’t hold the mic still to begin with, I thoroughly enjoyed it and am very thankful to Abigail Warner for inviting me along. I was told in no uncertain terms by security on the way in that photography was not allowed so I have no photo to share but it was a beautiful set which you can see here.

Being involved in this event did make me think about running workshops again, I am often asked about it and maybe it’s (nearly) time to start running some…

In Clover | humphrey & grace

Then the lovely folk at In Clover sent me a copy of volume 3 this month. It’s always a visual treat to turn the pages of their magazine and I couldn’t resist trying out the recipe for baked doughnuts by Laura Domingo. In a word – yum. And beyond that this issue includes so many folk and places I know that it was a real treat to read. There is a spotlight section about Brighton including many shops and cafés that I visit regularly and love, a trip to Santorini which reminded me of my Aegean adventures earlier this year and a stay at The Welsh House which – although not the cottage I stayed in last year – brought such a sense of nostalgia for our perfect offline weekend. Yes I thoroughly enjoyed the pages of this magazine!

September has been a mixed bag this year as it often is for us. I’m looking forward to what October may bring, hopefully in the shape of cosy Autumn days. For now though I will leave you with the only sunrise I caught this month.

J x

September sunrise | humphrey & grace




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  1. Thank you so much for trying out my recipe Julia – it’s such a honour !
    ps. beautiful picture, would you mind if a share it on my blog (with link to yours of course)?
    Laura xx

  2. Such gorgeous pictures from Amsterdam Julia! It really was a lovely weekend, and yes we are quite the experienced travel companions aren’t we?! ;)
    Well done for getting through the talk and yes to workshops!
    I’m sure Anna will settle soon, although maybe drop offs will be hard for a while.
    Lovely post xxx

  3. Such a beautiful month Julia! <3 Amsterdam is always amazing, and that sunset at the pier….*sigh*
    I hope Anna will grow into loving the whole going to school thing – it's so heart-wrenching when school drop-off ends in tears.. Have a wonderful weekend dear!

    1. Thanks so much Maria! It’s been a lovely month in so many ways and I know the school drop off will improve with time. Well I hope so anyway. Enjoy your weekend x

  4. Oh wow, those photos are beautiful but that last one of the sun rise is absolutely breathtaking! Big well done on the speaking gig – I’d be terrified too but it’s inspiring to hear you persevered rather than chickened out. :) Hope Anna feels better about going to school soon and that things get more normal and enjoyable for her! :)


    1. Thanks Flora, I made something of a pact with myself a couple of years ago to say yes to things rather than always saying no. It’s been a joyful experience, even the nerves! Thanks for your kind words about Anna too, I know she will adjust but it’s hard to leave her upset xx

  5. A beautiful (though partly heart string tugging) month Julia!! Yes – absolutely run some workshops lady! And your trip to Amsterdam looks and sounds so dreamy – just love seeing yours and Hannah’s friendship grow, lovely ladies that you are! And well done for your public speaking gig J, I’d be extremely nervous too – I’m sure you were brilliant xxx

    1. Thanks Jules, some months are harder than others aren’t they? All is well and she is adjusting in her own time but it’s been tricky at times. Amsterdam was amazing, as was Paperfest but the nerves were running high! Not sure if I made any sense at all xx

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