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The story of October is one of change. A few days into the month we should have been in Venice for a late 40th weekend and a bit of time just us. Not that I begrudge it at all, but we are always with the children and that inevitably makes it harder to spend time just the two of us, teenagers don’t go to bed early and so a more concerted effort has to be made to catch up with ourselves every now and again. Then settling at school was more tricky for Anna than we thought it would be so we decided to delay our travel and go early next year instead. Plans changed and rather than my mum coming to stay with the children, she came and visited us too. The perk of which being a little time with her while the children were at school and some adventures in our local area instead! And our trip to Venice will still happen, just at a different time.

the story of October | humphrey & grace

We have been out and about as much as possible this month. From Alfriston Clergy House (pictured above) to Wakehurst Place and its rainbow of trees in their autumn outfits. I guess we have been making the most of the weather as you just never know if it may turn dull, grey and rainy for months any day now!

autumn | humphrey & grace

I went to Lavenham, a beautiful medieval village in Suffolk which I have wanted to visit for such a long time. Wandering it’s beautiful streets with a friend and enjoying lunch at The Swan were a real treat for me. My family have a long history with this area, going back generations, and it always feels just like going home. Tony and I met while he was studying in Cambridge and despite moving away we were back in the area when Millie was born. In fact she was born in the same hospital as my dad was many years earlier… So perhaps I’m sentimental about East Anglia, justifiably so.

lovely Lavenham

Then we took Millie and Ed to London in half term, always such fun and a trip to the Natural History Museum is a must. Although the dinosaurs are amazing and it’s all a little mind boggling, what we enjoyed most this time were the gemstones and vault. There’s never enough time in the day! The ice rink is outside now and open to the general public with a beautiful Christmas tree in the middle of it. Twinkly lights adorn the trees beside the museum. I actually felt most festive for a moment there!

The Natural History Museum

One final photo, possibly my favourite of the month as it looks like a painting or sorts. Taken at Great Dixter at the beginning of the month with Mum. The garden at Great Dixter is the most magical one I know, plants are tall and walking the narrow paths which disappear beneath them is a gorgeous experience. Definitely a place worth a visit!

October was full. I’ll share parts of it later but I think it’s fair to say we made the most of it!

J x Great Dixter


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  1. What a gorgeous month you had! I can’t wait to take Oscar to the Natural History Museum one day and Lavenham looks and sounds beautiful xx

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