the story of March


In a couple of words, the story of March is of travel and spring. I mean there are magnolia, blossom, bulbs galore and all kinds of flowery goodness going on in the south east! Although I possibly ought to include a final fling with winter here as we visited the highlands of Scotland only to be greeted with a fresh fall of snow. There is such a marked difference between the signs of spring in the far north and south at the moment.

I began the month in Venice and have reached the end via Scotland. Even as I write this my husband is away in Cornwall for business. Travel is brilliant but oh my word, I’m tired! For the moment though we have little more planned before July so hopefully there’s time to catch up with ourselves…

My husband and I spent the loveliest few days exploring the southern highlands of Scotland last week. I have never been before, almost embarrassing considering I grew up in north west England, but then the Lake District is so close, and Wales. Both with mountains of their own.

So yes, this was my first visit to Scotland. I am planning to share a post soon including the places we went, and places I would love to see next time, for now I’ll just share this very snowy scene from the drive through Glencoe. Every single corner turned yields a lovelier view – when the clouds lift enough to see them! Imagine living in a house like this though, on it’s own at the foot of a mountain…

Anna turned 5 this month. She is convinced we ought to have a pet cat and it was her only birthday request (we used to have one and the house does feel quiet without any animals, but the general vote is currently for a dog maybe later this year). Sadly not yet to be, so for now we will indulge her with a cuddly kitten or two instead.

This little kitten was gifted to her by Ana of pink nounou, who designs a whole range of gorgeous children’s toys, already a firm favourite with my Anna, this one has been named mitten kitten. You can find more of them here.

Mother’s Day – I’m sure you know – was also this month. While we don’t really celebrate the day as such, I was asked to write a short article for Raymond Blanc’s Jardin Blanc Mother’s Day e-book. Actually I was really flattered to be asked. If you are interested you can find a copy of the e-book via this link. It is filled with lovely bloggers telling tales of their mothers and of their own experiences of motherhood, it makes for an altogether charming read.

Jardin Blanc itself is the official hospitality suite at the RHS Chelsea Flower Show, with lovely guest packages from daytime through to evening, it looks set to be another wonderful event this year! I haven’t been to the show for the past 2 years though previously I went every year and thoroughly loved it every time.

I have to say the return of spring has been more than a little welcome. My garden is green again! And there are promises of flowers everywhere. Through Instagram it feels there has been something of a collective sigh of relief and I’m pretty sure you can never see enough photos of blossom. Well I can’t anyway. I love it.

Here’s to a happy April!

J x


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  1. Can’t wait to hear more about your trip to Scotland – your photos have been stunning. And your sweet girl is 5!! Hope she had a wonderful day! Xx

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