The story of February


I can’t quite get my head round it being March already. How did that happen?! The story of February is a tale of two halves. We will largely ignore the first half as yet again it was spent feeling decidedly unwell, but the second half has been quite lovely thank you very much. And it ended on a happy note as I was in Venice with my mum for a few days. What an utterly beautiful city it is too.

OK so January came and went and I didn’t summarise it here. I have my reasons, it was a difficult month filled with difficult situations and by the end of it we had flu in the house again. The first year at school for all my children involved a lot of viruses and Anna is no different. She brings everything home and we all take turns in feeling under the weather. One of the joys of family life hey? Suffice to say I had high hopes for February!

The first half didn’t exactly go to plan but once we all started to feel better it turned out to be not too bad at all. My husband and I had planned to visit Venice last October, booked the flights and were all geared up to go. Until Anna started school. She really wasn’t keen and we didn’t feel we could leave her in the care of my mum since she was having daily separation issues and not sleeping all that well. So we rearranged flights for February and crossed our fingers that Anna would get the hang of school.

Luckily she did, one obstacle down! Only to have a situation in my family that seems to be ever worsening and then my husband suggested perhaps I should take my mum away instead – we can have a break as a couple another time. (Soon in fact as that has been booked already!) Cue a little more re-booking and a plan was hatched…

I will share some more about travel to Venice soon in a separate post as I have a whole lot to say. If you haven’t been already then I thoroughly recommend it. As a city it is quite unlike anywhere I have been before. It is beautiful and other worldly, rising from the lagoon on islands separated by canals. The atmosphere is wonderful. Admittedly it is a hugely popular tourist destination, I can imagine it might be to busy for my liking later in the season. But for now it is bustling rather than over crowded.

Needless to say I am really happy to have seen this city for myself, it is one off my bucket list. And to have travelled with my mum and spent time with her uninterrupted by small folk was a rare treat. Something I am very thankful for.

And there have been a few other lovely things of note this month…

This rather handy planner arrived from Jo & Judy. It is larger in size than the one I used last year – A4 to be precise – and has loads of space for monthly plans, weekly diaries and checklists galore. I love that there are inspirational quotes throughout too. It also has space for notes, contacts, budgets, I could go on! I actually prefer to have a paper planner, I find it easier to flip between the pages than change the screens on a digital diary. And this is definitely a planner that has enough for all, you can find out more and perhaps buy your own copy here.

Half term came and went in a fuzz of flu, but I did manage to drag my initially unenthusiastic children to the beach just once. The fresh air did us good, even if only for half an hour, and I took a photo of the same view I take every single time we go to Birling Gap. I never tire of it. Being outdoors is something we thrive on, everyones mood lifts.

I was sent a copy of Weekend Journals Cornwall travel guide. I half wish I’d seen it before we spent a week in Cornwall last summer but as it happens we went to nearly half of the places included anyway. As a travel guide this little book is one I would recommend. The photography is beautiful, the places included are well worth visiting – I can honestly say this from our experiences last summer – and the text is informative without being over-wordy. If Cornwall is on your list, this is a perfect guide.

Towards the end of the month I spent a lovely morning in Lewes mooching with a friend – the shop below is Closet and Botts, a firm favourite – followed by a bit of a rushed day in London. I am only mentioning it here to remind myself that I wasn’t as cooped up as I feel I was last month, that life and meetings went on and FINALLY to top it off, blossom has begun to open. I don’t know about you but I don’t like winter much. Its cold and ugly. I am ready for spring…

Here’s to March!

J x


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  1. You poor thing. Truly sorry to hear how under the weather you’ve all been lovely. Here’s to March and Spring and feeling better. Excited to see where your getaway with your husband takes you and that Cornwall guide looks lovely! I’m potentially going for a couple of days next month so will nab one of these if that comes to fruition! xx

  2. Lovely photos! Can’t wait to see more of Venice. Is Birling Gap the same thing as Beachy Head? That’s my favorite day trip from London!

    1. Thank you Mairin! Billing Gap is just a bit further along the coast, Beachy Head is one of the tallest parts and Birling Gap is one of the falls, there is a big staircase down to the beach there so you can get to the bottom of the cliffs x

  3. The trip to Venice was a once-in-a-lifetime experience; a tremendous privilege to share it with my daughter Julia; and to see her beautiful photos on this page is the icing on the cake.

    1. It was an absolute joy to share it with you too, even if it already seems like a distant memory I’m really happy we got to go together xx

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