the story of August


Oh the story of August. It has been the best month so far this year! The month of beautiful sparkly light, fields of flowers, being outdoors aaaall the time. Of beaches and sunsets. I wonder if I am repeating myself, this sounds an awful lot like July, though August has been lovelier still…

field of flowers | the story of August

This month we have relaxed into summer and embraced all the season has to offer. I decided to take August off and I haven’t posted here at all. My Instagram account has also been moving at a slower pace. While I have loved this holiday, I now have so many ideas and plans (and photos!) that I can’t wait to get back to it in September. In the meantime though I have been updating my website. Some of it is still under construction but I’d love for you to have a look, I’d be interested to hear your feedback on how it feels and how easy it is to navigate your way around.

Part of the update has involved the (frankly comical) quest for a new profile photo. It seems I am much more comfortable behind the camera than in front of it and the photo I have been using is now almost two years old. So. One tripod, one remote shutter, one hundred and seven photos (to be precise) and a whole lot of deliberation later, what we have is a slightly-squinty-as-it-was-windy-but-I-like-my-hair new photo. Phew. Any tips for being more comfortable in front of the camera would be gratefully received! I’m going to post the photo here, there and everywhere before I chicken out and delete it from existence entirely. I really never used to be so critical of photos of myself.

this is me

A few other lovely thing of note this month…

I met up with Katherine Dorrington in London for the very first time since we started chatting on Instagram 3 years ago. It was such a treat to properly put a name to a face and it was very much like meeting an old friend. My lovely friend Hannah came along too and we had a stroll around Notting Hill together to show Katherine the streets we adore. Though we began with coffee of course. If you haven’t already been there or seen it posted and taken note, Farm Girl Café on Portobello Road is a gorgeous space with the tastiest gluten free brownies. It definitely gets my recommendation. I know I mentioned it last month too but hey, you may have missed that right?

coffee at Farm Girl Café

We took our family holiday in Cornwall this year and as it coincided with warm sunny weather, it felt as good as any trip abroad. I have more to share from this trip later so for now I’m just including the detour to Gold Hill, Shaftesbury on the epic journey home. Followed by a trip through Fordingbridge in the New Forest to see the fields of heather along Roger Penny Way – I’ll pop this photo at the bottom. And the interior (yes I do love a nice café) at the Rockpool Café in Mousehole. They serve best hot chocolates and it’s well worth a visit if you are in the area.

Gold Hill, Shaftesbury the story of August | humphrey & grace

Then there was one of the evenings with sparkly light when I caught Hannah photographing her boys without her realising I was snapping photos of her. Well not until I told her later. These candid photos are always my favourite, I much prefer them to posed composition. I like to capture people just doing their thing. So yes, here is Hannah camera in hand photographing her sons.

the story of August | humphrey & grace

And lastly, but by no means least, is this beautiful ceramic cup which arrived from The Future Kept. I have had my eye on these cups for a long while as the ceramicist shares my name. I have to say that it is every bit as beautiful in the flesh as it looks to be on screen. Another hand made ceramic object I will cherish.

this beautiful cup from The Future Kept

August has been a wonderful month for me. For us. I must admit to feeling somewhat sad that summer is ending and that school will soon be back again. Anna will be starting her first year at school later in September and I am maybe just a little in denial about it. I’m not ready, even if she is. I will remember this summer as a beautiful one full of more than I can possibly put into words here, with so many memories created along the way.

September, I’m not ready, but come along you will.

Julia x

the story of August | humphrey & grace


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  1. Beautiful post Julia! I love the cup, love the interior of that little cafe in Cornwall, love the pic of me and the boys and I love the new profile pic! Oh I know all about those struggles and I think 107 is nothing! Haha! xx

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