the making of Harriet Pink


the making of Harriet Pink | Humphrey and Grace

Ok so sewing is my favourite ‘thing’. Ever. I absolutely adore turning cloth and trimmings into something. If I had oodles of free time you would most likely find me making something or other, I don’t mind whether it is clothing, furnishings, accessories or in this case a stuffed toy. Today I am not sharing a tutorial, no instructions nor tips, just a little photo diary of a gift for my niece of a doll called Harriet Pink…

the making of Harriet Pink | Humphrey and Grace

After a few months packed carefully inside boxes and baskets my fabrics have re surfaced and it is a little bit like Christmas in my new dining room cupboards. The Christmas before last I made a doll named Talulah Blue for little J and she has become a favourite (so I am told!) here is a friend to keep her company. I cut her from calico and printed cottons, her hair is a chunky pink wool. She has an embroidered heart shaped mouth and sleepy eyes…

the making of Harriet Pink | Humphrey and Grace

Choosing colours and cloth for a dress and hat…

the making of Harriet Pink | Humphrey and Grace

Her belt is a tie from an old tunic of mine. I love to re-purpose old clothing…

the making of Harriet Pink | Humphrey and Grace

Patterned tights and a pixie hat tied with grey cotton…

the making of Harriet Pink | Humphrey and Grace

I enjoy the wrapping almost as much as the making…

the making of Harriet Pink | Humphrey and Grace

Hello, my name is Harriet Pink (I’m off to live in Germany.)

A post partly for me, a makers diary, and partly for my sister. If you enjoy it too then thats just perfect!

Julia xx


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  1. Julia – she is absolutely gorgeous, and you are a genius! I wish I could put colours, fabrics and ideas together like you do, but I can’t, never could ;) A parcel arrived yesterday with lovely flowers on it, and J stood admiring it. She doesn’t know what is in it yet. And nor does Talulah Blue-with-her-hair-in-new-plaits… Thankyou for this lovely post, and for such a lovely present! Your sister (hiding in the hallway so J doesn’t see!)

    1. Thanks Ang! I’m not sure about the genius part but you know I love making ‘stuff’ so its a bit of self indulgent gift too. And you can make lovely things too… I’m glad she liked the flowers on the envelope, just doodles… And you know you’re welcome xx

  2. Oh she’s just fabulous Julia! I’m so glad you shared this. Such a pretty fabric combo – I think choosing the fabrics is *almost* my most favourite bit. Hope you get a chance to do some more sewing. I really must get my machine going again – it’s been too long!

    1. Thank you Zoe! I love the selection too, colours patterns and textures, such a happy process isn’t it? Yes you must get the machine going soon xx

  3. Oh Julia, is there anything you can’t do!? She is completely lovely. Now please hurry up and reopen your shop! xx

    1. Thanks Ffi, you’re so kind! One day hopefully it will be open again. I’m wondering whether small updates might be the way to go…

  4. How wonderful this is, Julia! The colours are all so beautiful together and the sweet little cap just kills me. You, my dear, are one very talented lady xx

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