the story of May


I adore May. It is the most hopeful of months, full of new growth and almost always at least half warm (although maybe not this year). It feels like an awakening, as though we are stirring from a winter hibernation and remembering all the pleasure of spending time outdoors. That’s not to say we won’t venture out before, more that it seems we spend less time inside than we have since late summer last year. May wanderings are such a glorious thing.

Scotney Castle

The breeze at the beach is not so biting, we can linger and enjoy the salty air. The woods grow green and are full of birdsong. Not to mention the flowers, oh so many flowers everywhere.

We travelled to the New Forest for a short stay, visited Mudeford Sandbank (have you been? It’s  beach hut heaven!) and strolled along the prom at home, a simple joy with my family of 5. Although taking a photo with everyone in it, never mind all looking vaguely happy is nigh on impossible! Any tips would be greatly appreciated…

The wisteria came out, then finished oh so quickly and I managed to have a little wisteria tour with this lovely group of Instagrammers, followed by coffee with Elena. One of the most inspirational days I have had for a while as chatting to others who understand the mechanics of Instagram related work doesn’t happen so often. Then there was the day I had lunch with Catherine and later coffee with Jules and the tablescapes were almost identical. I smiled to myself then. And do you know what, I have really enjoyed taking photo’s of my coffee without even caring what other cafe-goers might think.

We took a family day trip to Scotney Castle, one of our favourite National Trust haunts. The old castle which is surrounded by a moat is just lovely, so picturesque, and the ground in the gardens was covered in petaletti (I’m sure that’s a word. Confettal…?) as the blossom rained down in the breeze. It’s quite magical to be surrounded by falling petals. The there was the cream tea picnic in the garden for my birthday.

I also took and posted more photos with my iPhone than I have for months, it’s convenience being preferable to lugging round my heavy camera, which leads me to think perhaps I should just use it more anyway as long as the shots don’t need to be high resolution it’s a bit of a winner!

It might have been a grey and cold month but it’s been full of loveliness. I am focussing on this happy story of May as behind the scenes there is an awful lot of disruption (I explained a little here) and the end of the school year is always a busy time. So every moment of loveliness is very much appreciated!

J x


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  1. What a beautiful May you had! Your wisteria photos are soooooo dreamy! And how I loved our coffee date, it really was such a treat wasn’t it? xx

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