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shinola | modern watchmakers

Recently I have been introduced to a company called Shinola. Passionately ‘local’ (although in this case local means Detroit), Shinola as a brand are community minded. They invest in craft, skills and the preservation of industry in their city which has a strong history of manufacturing. You can read all about their ethos on their website, it’s worth a look, the outcome being the production of well crafted, quality products available across the globe to folk like us. Their ethos is one I love, whether local is my town or theirs, a brand who cares about their immediate environment is one to be encouraged.

As the title of this piece suggests Shinola are modern watchmakers. Since 2011 they have been manufacturing goods with quality in mind. Admittedly the price tag will tell you they fall into the luxury market, so as you might expect my watch (the Birdy) arrived beautifully packaged in a wooden box, the company logo is subtly debossed on the front. Inside there is a card bearing the name of the person who built the watch (thank you Stefan Mihoc), I’ve never owned a watch with a personal connection like that before! Then beneath the protective cover lies my watch and a tin of leather care balm for the strap.

This watch is something a little different. The strap wraps twice around the wrist before fastening and it’s face is a subtle rose pink with a stainless steel case and a numbered date on the dial. It is casual enough to wear every day, I believe this quality is far more worth while than ‘occasion’ wear as honestly there just aren’t that many occasions that warrant it. Well not in my life that is, perhaps you have more excuses than I to dress up! (In which case they also make watches that are a little more dressy…) For me though, I’d rather have beautiful items I can use all the time. This watch is lightweight, easy to wear and has already caught the admiring eye of those who I have seen while wearing it.

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Shinola watches are available in the UK, they have a store in London and are available in other retail outlets and of course they offer online shopping also. Full details can be found on their website. Shinola don’t just produce beautiful watches though, their other products include bicycles, leather goods and journals. They are a company I’m very happy to ‘meet’.

Julia x

P.S. How perfect would a watch like this be for Valentine’s day? Subtle (or very obvious) hints might well be the way to go…

shinola | modern watchmakers

my watch was kindly gifted by Shinola, all words written and opinions expressed are my own


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