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September. In some ways it is one of my favourite months (although I could say that of almost every month) except maybe for the going back to school routines, that I could live without! September has this amazing light, softer than in summer but not quite the same as winter. Somehow September has a glow about it… Perhaps that is due in part to the hints of colour, the beginnings of autumnal hues, not to mention the sun sitting lower in the sky. The mornings are often damp and misty, this weekend the air has been filled with the smell of bonfires. Autumn is knocking on the door and as we walked around the gardens at Sheffield Park today we gathered signs of changing seasons from the ground beneath the trees. It has been a warm day and while children climbed trees and played hide and seek, we sipped coffee. There may have been jam doughnuts too. Yes today has been a good one.

I want to remember it as a slow and happy day as life has been somewhat stressful recently, the rush of the everyday is overwhelming at times. I miss the children now they are back at school, the house is almost too quiet and empty when I do have time here alone. How to cope with that? By holding on to the days of slowness, the breaks from routine. By observing the simple things like a bright red leaf beneath a tree of green.

september | humphrey and grace

As often happens now Anna helped me with this collection. Mainly by claiming the acorns as her own as she saw them first apparently. That’s ok with me. She sat up in the biggest tree today and let me take her photograph, another thing that made me smile as she runs away from the camera more often than not. Capturing these little moments in the everyday is something I cherish all the more as they seem to happen less and less… Yes. Today has been a good one.

Julia x

september | humphrey and grace

september | humphrey and grace


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  1. Gorgeous pics Julia -so much autumn colour already! Hope you can find more quiet slow moments amidst the busyness. I love autumn leaves so much – I turn into a big kid, collecting them and throwing them in the air :) Simple delights are the best xx

    1. Thank you Zoe, I was amazed by how much colour there was lying around! Not that I’m trying to speed up autumn but I do love the colours at this time of year, not to mention the leaf throwing, I’m with you there!

  2. What a lovely post. I feel exactly the same as you in every way, I love September, but it takes adjusting to after the summer holidays, but we always do adjust don’t we, it’s human nature. Gorgeous photo of Anna too xx

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