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part ii

Or ‘the reveal’ if you like! Following up on my earlier post about the entrance to my home I wanted to show you the finished result. As I mentioned before this hasn’t been a project of major work, more a tidy up and re-paint which can make a big difference in itself. That and the addition of some lovely plants and I’m really happy with the result!

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I chose a pair of topiary bay trees to sit either side of the entrance to the porch I have one in the back garden already and it hasn’t grown much in height in the 7-8 years I have had it, more filled out and I’m hoping these will do the same. I also added a lollipop olive tree next to the garage door as this part of the house feels a little empty in comparison to all the plantlife along the rest of the front. I think it ties the whole together. And then I added two pots of lavender, one on each side of the door with it’s welcome colour and scent.

We changed the wall lights at either side of the house for these, after uncovering the one on the right from this years hydrangea growth. I also trimmed and tidied up all the plants and gave the quarry tiled porch step a really good clean. Simple steps that make a lot of difference! Oh and I couldn’t resist making a wreath for the door with cuttings from the garden.

You can find some helpful advice on giving your home kerb appeal in this article here and for inspiration to get you started B&Q have a handy Pinterest board here.

Simple steps to make a cheerful entrance!

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