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I am just popping in to make a note of the current building situation. I know it hasn’t been mentioned here since last year when we completed the dining room but our renovation tales are ongoing. Next month will see some more major changes with a replacement flat roof on the small extension built well before our time here, and a completely new room for Millie. The logistics of losing a bedroom for a while are not ideal so we want to make sure everything runs as quickly and smoothly as possible. renovation tales | humphrey and grace

I am currently sourcing everything from light fittings to paint colours to a few pieces of furniture. Millie’s room has an old built-in cupboard extravaganza including a gap in the counter where a basin used to sit and some rather fetching tiles on the wall, so when it is removed she will need some new clothes storage. We are currently waiting for delivery of this chest of drawers and I have a plan for other pieces and some chalk paint.

Millie is really excited at the promise of a new room (well, technically 2 rooms as she also has a den over the garage which is accessed from her room, hard to explain, I’ll show you soon) and I really can’t blame her as almost 5 years with her current set-up must have been enough. There are cracks from a historical subsidence problem in the early 1990’s and a hole in the ceiling where Tony missed his footing in the loft not long after we moved in, mid woodworm spray  and reinstallation. It’s not pretty.

So far we have chosen this light to go above her bed, these lights for the opposite corner to her bed and to hang over the vintage desk I found on eBay. Then there is this gorgeous mirror because every teenager needs one, right? I find myself enjoying the sourcing of fittings so much as it is a distraction from the mess and chaos around me. Something of a diversionary joy.

There is also the question of our kitchen floor. Back in March we noticed a small damp patch on the corner of a wall at floor level. It grew rapidly and now covers a large part of the wall but the cause was not immediately obvious. After a few weeks and a lot of searching we found a leak in the mains water pipe UNDER the floor in the utility room. All fixed, but it seems to have been leaking for a very long time. To cut a long story short the wooden kitchen floor has warped so much that it has to come out to be replaced with what I am not even sure yet. A new floor, hooray, but not entirely. It wasn’t planned, we haven’t had time to think about what to replace it with so may well go for a temporary solution, and it’s back to a building site in the kitchen. Dehumidifiers 24 hours a day since early April and they’re still pulling so much water out of the saturated wall and floor…

Sometimes I wonder how much I love this house after all and feel utterly overwhelmed by the constant disruption. Other days I remember it’s potential and it all seems possible. Long term renovation is a *little* stressful.

Hey ho and on we go

Julia x


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  1. I feel stressed just thinking about such a massive reno, Julia, but it will be so wonderful once it’s done. Keep your eyes on the prize. We are about to move out of our place and although we did a few cosmetic things I do wish we’d had the courage to tackle some of the big jobs – it would have made the house so much more livable. Oh well – maybe we’ll be braver in our next home!

    1. So do I Bex! I think ‘done’ is still a long way off but each job marks a progress and we knew it would be a long term renovation from the start. Half way through it feels like it’s taking forever!! That said it is always worth the disruption in the end x

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