the pretty streets of London


When a man is tired of London, he is tired of life; for there is in London all that life can afford.

Samuel Johnson


Recently I was asked if there was anywhere I would like to travel to. I love this question, it has a million and one answers and changes all the time. My list is long and varies from the furthest countries (New Zealand is somewhere near the top) to many closer to home (I might say Iceland, I wonder if this is something to do with Instagram and Pinterest) but until funds and time permit, where will I start? At home.

The pretty streets of London

I first travelled to London as a teenager with my brother and his friend and family. Having never been before I found it thrilling and overwhelming all at once and my biggest memories of that day are the trips to Madame Tussauds and the London Dungeon. The crush of the tube at rush hour. The busyness of it all. The London tourist attractions are all brilliant and I have visited many of them over the years, I still do with the children, our favourite undoubtedly being the Natural History Museum. I think it is fair to say my love affair with London is a long and varied one and I firmly believe that our children should grow up knowing the history of the heart of this wonderful land in which they were born…

Recently I have begun to explore a little more off the tourist map. I find myself in London increasingly often for meetings and meet-ups and often there is a little time to spare. So I wander. I choose an area and wander. The residential streets of Notting Hill with their Victorian town houses have been my favourite so far this year though I am not finished exploring yet and with each trip to London I go to a slightly different area having a vague plan but that is all. Sometimes I plan no further than the tube station. Sometimes I meet with a friend – sometimes I wander alone. What I have found is a renewed love for this busy city

My favourite tourist experience so far this year was a particularly flamboyant American family with a large camera and a very dolled up child searching for ‘one with a blue door, it has to have a blue door’ over in Notting Hill, oh yes it was all about that film… And it was all I could do not to laugh as they flustered by in a cloud of overwhelming perfumes. They were brilliant. I guess they sum up part of the reason I love the city as there’s a bit of everything and a lot you wouldn’t see in my sleepy seaside hometown.

I understand why people want to live there, though – for me – I need the green and open space of our countryside in my daily life, London is a micro-world of possibilities and places, of cultures and experiences. For me it is an exhausting but wonderful day trip away. I love it. And I fill my camera roll with photos like these, hello pretty streets, blossom and magnolia. Yes springtime in London has me at hello (even if it rains on me…)

Julia x



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  1. Lovely, lovely images, and having just read your post on creativity and being inspired be warned you may see some very similar images very soon, but since we were standing next to each other at the time I hope I will be forgiven. xx

    1. Thank you Catherine. Of course you are completely and absolutely excused!! I’m looking forward to seeing your versions in my feed xx

  2. Lovely shots Julia, I adore the Notting Hill streets with their fancy houses. I haven’t been on a photo wander in London for AGES, must remedy that. In fact I haven’t been for ages fullstop. I do love the onslaught of inspiration but find it so knackering with my CFS. One day…. xxx

    1. It is definitely a long day Zoë, no getting round it. I do think if you have the energy sometime that it’s a lovely way to explore London, wandering without much agenda. I hope you find time to return soon xx

  3. Love it Julia and the scrolly photos! How fancy! The blue houses is my fave, its fabulous! That has been in bright sunshine both times I’ve been xx

    1. Scrolly fancy photos, heehe, another thing I am stupidly pleased about! Thanks Hannah, London rained on me last time, not much but enough… The blue is so pretty isn’t it? x

    1. Thanks Jenna! London is so very busy and grimy isn’t it? I have been in and out of love with it mainly for that reason but at the moment I am enjoying spending time exploring it. I wouldn’t want to live there though…

  4. What a beautiful post! I love to visit too and this post has inspired me to plan another trip. The natural history museum is a favourite for my children too, it’s a very special place. Thanks x

    1. I think it’s too easy to overlook the incredible places we have on our doorstep isn’t it? England is an amazing country full of history and culture, explore more I say, and enjoy your next trip to London Town x

  5. I love London too and still find it hugely exciting even today. I used to live not far from the Metropolitan line and would buy a London Explorer ticket when I was a young teen and venture off to find new places I’d never been to before. Still got the bug. Elinor x

    1. That sounds brilliant! It’s such a huge city with everything you can possibly want, so different to home by the sea! Any suggestions for places to explore?

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