one year in portraits

one year in portraits | November


November has seen Autumn in all it’s colourful glory give way to bare branches and a distinct chill in the air. In fact, as I type this, it is hovering around freezing outside. For once I feel ready for winter. One year in portraits is almost over with just 4 more photos to take. I will reflect on this project more next month though and for now will simply are my favourites from this month

one year in portraits | humphrey & grace

Actually I am sharing the most recent photo first because, well, just because. I need no excuse do I? Oh to be 4 years old…

one year in portraits | humphrey & grace

I have learned to embrace the blur a little more since children move fast and the light is low at this time of year. I’m making a concerted effort to learn my camera better and play with shutter speed but in the meantime this photo of Millie is just a little out of focus. Hey ho, I still love it.

one year in portraits | humphrey & grace

Two in 1 shot *does a little happy dance*, we will be overlooking that they are almost silhouette as I kind of like the contrast against the leaves…

one year in portraits | humphrey & grace

“Look mummy, I’m a tiger in a tree”. Indeed you are.

This month seems to be all about the trees. It’s funny how many themes seem to happen over the months!

J x