one year in portraits

one year in portraits | October


One year in portraits – October’s posts are a little of the outdoors and oh so much colder looking than last months! OK I know last month I used photos from the month before but still. I had to be a little more covert in my photo taking mission this month as the camera is something to be run away from it seems. That’s alright though, I prefer the candid shots for the most part anyway.

one year in portraits | humphrey & grace

These were all taken on the same day, I am finding it harder to take photos each week and have to grab an opportunity when I can. And Anna’s outfit in the last photo can only be described as a technicolour wonder so I’ve spared your eyes with some back and white…

I think I have hit that creative wall recently! Hopefully it’ll come back next month as I really want to see this project through. I was re-visiting some of the first posts this year and actually it seems like so long ago in many ways. I hope I have improved on some photography skills along the way but that wasn’t the point of undertaking this year long journal. I really wanted to capture and document a year in the life of these three and that is definitely evident through the months. Will I continue next year? Maybe, maybe not. I just can’t decide.

J x

one year in portraits | humphrey & graceone year in portraits | humphrey & graceone year in portraits | humphrey & grace


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