one year in portraits

one year in portraits | July


One year in portraits, already more than half way through, has become one of my favourite things. I’m hoping I’ve learned a lot and am improving my photography but more than that, this saving of memories is so completely satisfying! This month begins with Anna among the wild flowers. Actually I took it on the last day of June but I won’t tell if you don’t. Anna v dog. Although it looks like peepo it might have been more of a standoff of a ‘shoo! shoo!’ – ‘yap yap yap’ variety, then she chatted about this little dog for days afterwards. Perhaps because it was wearing a flowery jacket…

one year in portraits | humphrey & grace

The first weekend in July ended with the most beautiful evening and a peaceful time in the fields with Millie. Mostly she sat but this photo, well, I love it. The light, the sunflare she is wearing in her hair, the ray of light, the book she is holding. It’s just her… one year in portraits july | humphrey & grace

Ed v rocks, every time he does this rock jumping I get nervous! He found a cube shaped rock which he wouldn’t let go of, he wanted to bring it home to paint like a dice. Until he set it down for a moment and it slid between the gaps and so at the beach it stayed.

one year in portraits | humphrey & grace

Another from the beach, a different beach on a different day. The one with the kite flying – actually maybe I’ll include that too as Ed rescued it from the sea… Both Anna and Ed came home wrapped in blankets after sitting in the waves fully clothed. Again. It seems I never learn to take spares!

one year in portraits | humphrey & grace

one year in portraits | humphrey & grace

Now I know that Anna features most here this month. She is the one who seems to be with me the most as Millie and Ed grow more and more independent. It saddens me a little and is exactly why I started this project, I know portraits will become fewer and further between as my children get a little older. Apart from this though, after a few ‘off’ months, I’m really happy with July’s photos. The best since March, which I also loved entirely.

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the face that says it all


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  1. Hi there Julia, I found you by way of your Pinterest and just had to see your blog. You have awesome taste and your photography is some of the best I’ve ever seen. Now I’m off to get lost in your Instagram. I’m happy I found you!

  2. Love these photos, they truly seem to epitomize a serene & joyful summer. Makes me miss my own childhood summer memories.


    1. Thank you! I’m really enjoying capturing this year in photos, hopefully it will be something my children appreciate later too!

  3. A really beautiful collection of photos, think my favourite is the one of them in the water with the kite a lovely moment captured. The new layout of the blog is great, I have been hoping from one post to another tonight and enjoying them all x

    1. Thanks lovely Hannah! It’s been so good to get properly outdoors in July, hoping Augist will bring more of the same. And thanks, it need s a lot of tweaking but it’s getting there x

  4. What an absolutely gorgeous set of photos Julia!! I can totally understand independence growing in your children must bring up a real mixed bag of emotions – even the thought already makes me feel sad, so I get it completely. And Anna’s hair!!! Such a beautiful blonde! xxx

    1. It’s a funny thing how time flies, it really is just yesterday they were tiny babies and now look at them?! Anna’s hair is beginning to turn, she won’t stay blonde so I reckon it’s my *duty* to capture this while it’s here… Thanks Jules x

  5. These are all so beautiful! I would have to say the second one is my absolute favorite though. It is so nice to capture all of summer’s best moments through a lens to keep on file for all of eternity.

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