one year in portraits

one year in portraits | February


February has been a bit rubbish in terms of portrait taking. We have all had colds and runny noses, we have been stuck indoors too much and none of my children were happy to stand in front of the camera. So I’ve scraped the barrel a little and this image above is a tongue in cheek one, a bit like Where’s Wally… Oh look there! Actually more like Where’s Wenda.

After I shared my thoughts about posting (or not posting) photos of my children online last month, I had a few interesting replies. It is helpful to read others point of view and as such I am grateful to those who shared them. The question of what sort of parent would want to share photos of their children online came up. I’ve thought about this a lot since and my answer is this. A proud one. Take from that what you will but I keep coming back to the same answer. These three are the BEST thing I ever did and as such I want to share them. I don’t post their photos daily, I don’t share any photos where they are anything less than fully clothed. I am fiercely protective of them but at the same time I am proud beyond words of the beautiful people they are.

The other thing I learned is that perhaps some people don’t ‘like’ the photos as they feel they are intruding into a personal space. This I do understand and it hadn’t occurred to me before my last post.

With that said, I am continuing with this year in portraits project as it is a personal one and will share it here for the same reasons I started it here. We all have different thoughts and feelings about this online world and I am trying to teach my children that it isn’t all scary. They know this website and they know my Instagram gallery, I’m far more concerned about the likes of facebook and snapchat for them having already had to deal with online bullying but that’s another story for another day…

Julia x portraits



She was counting seagull’s if you’re wondering. Three taken at Nymans and one taken at the beach. Maybe not one each week but the best I’ve got this month!


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