one year in portraits

one year in portraits | December


One year in portraits – December – the final month. I think I’ll summarise this project later and for now will simply share a bumper post of my favourite people doing their thing. Being themselves. This month has been easy, filled with photos without taking many frames, I love it when the photos happen naturally.

The story behind this photo is one of boxing day beach walks and he nudged her and she nudged him. And I seem to have bought them matching coats. Oops, possibly not cool when you’re 14 and 12…

Below is one of my favourite photos this month, taken at Nymans in the courtyard outside the house. It was unseasonably warm and such a beautiful misty day, Anna wouldn’t pose for the camera so I snapped this sneaky shot as she walked towards the gate. I wonder if it would be improved with a period costume perhaps…

I kind of like that she is not in focus, as soon as she caught sight of the camera she stuck her tongue out. Monkey that she is.

Another day, another beach. This girl. That smile.

December is a bumper – mainly beach – post, I could add so many more but will stop on this last photo. It seems like a fitting end to this project and who wouldn’t smile at it?

The nudge.

J x



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    1. Thank you! I just can’t decide whether to carry it on this year, some months were so hard to do and others just happened… But then the whole project is so lovely to have at the end of the year x

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