one year in portraits

one year in portraits | August


Recently I have had a little bit of a panic that my children will have no (or very little) photographic evidence of my existence past a few years ago. I guess one year in portraits is making me even more aware that there are only a couple of relatively recent photos of me. My profile pictures were 2 years old until I updated them last month and as for photos of me with my children? Forget it. So I am starting September with a thought in the back of my mind and a photo of me taking a photo of Anna thanks to my lovely friend Hannah Argyle. Her answer to my covert photo of her, I genuinely had no idea she was taking this either and love that she year in portraits | August (photo by Hannah Argyle)And here is one of the photos I took that evening. The angle wasn’t quite right and the focus is on the flowers rather than Anna who was moving quickly, but I still quite like it. I’m learning so much through this project and also I’m learning to embrace the imperfections a little while making note to try things differently next year in portraits | August

In the middle of the month we spent a week in Cornwall. For the most part we had gorgeous weather and spent the days exploring. We also spent time on the beach most days. On this particular day it was misty though so we took a trip to Glendurgan Gardens, a steep site with a small beach at the bottom which has a big fallen tree to clamber on. Ed was in his element here. I had just told him how much he reminds me of his Dad. I love his genuine smile, the creases around his eyes. It’s him all over, and a little bit of his Dad too.

one year in portraits | august

On the way home we stopped briefly in the New Forest as the heather was just coming out on our journey to Cornwall. Millie’s favourite colour is purple. It seems only right to have a photo of her here then! We caught the late afternoon sunshine which makes the heather appear almost luminous. Having never really paid much attention to fields of flowers until the last few years, I now find myself drawn to them at any opportunity.

August is another month of my one year in portraits project that I am really pleased with.

J x

one year in portraits | August

A cheeky last minute inclusion, I’ve just found this in Lightroom and want to save it here. One from  lovely trip to Mayfield Lavender earlier this summer with Anna while Millie & Ed were away at a camp. This face, processing thoughts, I love it…

Lavender Fields


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  1. Loved reading this Julia ! Such Beautiful kids and You should definetly Be more in The frame with them, You will love looking back at them one day.

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