one year in portraits

one year in portraits | April


One year in portraits this month begins with a photo from the end of last month when we took a trip home to Cheshire. While there we drove up to Crosby Beach to see Antony Gormley’s ‘Another Place’ – I shared more about our visit here – of course it is only right to have a photo next to one of the 100 solid cast iron statues so here are Millie and Tony with one of the figures. You can just make out several more figures in the background, the tide moves quickly here so we timed our visit to be at a low tide to see as many of the figures stand above the water as possible.

one year in portraits | april

Week 2 and I am sharing a video of Anna I made for Xanthe Berkeley’s Make Films course. I will no doubt share more about the course later, but I will say already I can see how these little video’s will become precious to me. So yes, Anna is wearing a hat to breakfast – yes she jumps on the beds – oh and on her birthday last month I *might* have let her ride her new bike around the table. Don’t tell anyone…

Week 3, Anna again as I spent most of this week away on an adventure with her travelling the Aegean Sea so here she is in front of a door in Crete. She was hot and a little bit tired…

one year in portraits

And to show the opposite end of the spring weather spectrum in England, here is Ed tree climbing on a walk round Sissinghurst Castle at the end of April. It was freeeezing… But we had fun and found bluebell woods and Sissinghurst Castle is simply beautiful!

tree climbing

We have at least been out and about more this month, I’m looking forward to seeing what May brings.

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  1. What a lovely post and a wonderful month! Love the photos of Anna & Ed and you already know how much I adore that video! xx

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